Our Lady of Good Counsel, novena April 17-25

Start novena April 17 thru April 25, vigil of Feast Day.

Our Lady of Good Counsel
(State your petitions)
Holy Virgin, moved by the painful uncertainty we experience in seeking and acquiring the true and the good,
we cast ourselves at thy feet and invoke thee under the sweet title of Mother of Good Counsel.
We beseech thee: come to our aid at this moment in our worldly sojourn when the twin darknesses of error and of evil
that plots our ruin by leading minds and hearts astray.

Seat of Wisdom and Star of the Sea,
enlighten the victims of doubt and of error so that they may not be seduced by evil masquerading as good;
strengthen them against the hostile and corrupting forces of passion and of sin.

Mother of Good Counsel, obtain for us from thy Divine Son the love of virtue and the strength to choose,
in doubtful and difficult situations, the course agreeable to our salvation.
Supported by thy hand we shall thus journey without harm along the paths taught us by the word and example of Jesus our Savior,
following the Sun of Truth and Justice in freedom and safety across the battlefield of life under the guidance of thy maternal Star,
until we come at length to the harbor of salvation to enjoy with thee unalloyed and everlasting peace. Amen.

(By Pope Pius XII, 23 January 1953)

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29 comments on “Our Lady of Good Counsel, novena April 17-25

  1. Our Lady of Good Counsel

    In the Alban Hills, not far from the city of Rome, lies the little town of Genazzano, where the miraculous image of Our Lady of Good Counsel is venerated. The story of the picture dates back to 1467. Pilgrims assembled on the feast of St. Mark were startled by a mysterious rustling sound and strains of sweet music. Looking toward the sky, they beheld what seemed a soft cloud. Slowly it descended and rested in front of the unfinished wall of the church dedicated to the Mother of God under the title of Good Counsel. The picture rests suspended in the air without any visible means of support to maintain its stable condition, and this for five centuries! Although painted on a piece of plaster no thicker than an ordinary visiting card, the image has withstood the ravages of time. The artist of the painting is unknown.

    It is said that the figures themselves represent Mother and Child after they had returned from the temple where Mary heard the sad prophesies of Simeon. Mary’s eyes are half-veiled as though she were lost in contemplation, taking counsel with her God. The little Child does not return the gaze of the beholder, as happens in so many pictures, rather He draws our eyes upward to Mary as if to tell us to look for Counsel there, in the very Seat of Wisdom. It is a picture to be loved, a plain and common picture [hence our unframed treatment], a pious image to be copied and hung in the homes of the poor. That is all the sweet Mother of Good Counsel asks for her picture: a home in our midst, by our firesides, a family to guard and watch over, hearts that will love and venerate her.

    Overshadowed by the Holy Ghost, Mary became the Mother of God. His gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, and Counsel belong to her. She is Our Mother of Good Counsel because she is the Spouse of God the Holy Ghost. If to her was granted the wisdom to counsel her Son, surely she has the wisdom to counsel poor humanity. In her there is the wisdom of ages. For 2000 years, she has been watching the children of men upon this earth. Our Lady of Good Counsel knows how to help us. She can help us. She wants to aid and counsel us! Once she sees upon a soul the sign of the Cross of her Son, that soul may count upon all her assistance. She loves with an undying love all those for whom her Son died.

    God trusted her with His own Son, Who clung to her till life was done. Through sorrow none can comprehend She mothered Jesus to the end. And if you think her love may fail, You thrust within her heart a nail!

    Our Mother of Good Counsel has been called the Madonna of the Popes. Pope Leo XIII deserves to be ranked among the great lovers of this devotion. He established the white scapular worn by her servants, and his motto is like a watchword to the clients of Mary: “Children,” he told the faithful, “follow her counsels!” To all she gives what is most needed to help us in this vale of tears; she gives us her Good Counsel.

  2. Starts Wed. 17th.
    Praying for everyone’s intentions.

    2trinky, praying in union with your intentions.
    God bless you and your friend’s father,
    and may Our Lady interceed for him.

    • Dear Cindy, how could I have did I missed this one, for seven days? Sorry.
      We moved from Phoenix to St Marys this week! I’ll start today. It can only do good.
      Please remind me next time I slip up.
      God Bless.

      Prayed day 1.

  3. Dear futterlieb,
    My computer will (temporarily) let me get online, but my email is pooched.
    I will finish this novena as planned, but will also start it again today so I can be in union with you. It can only do good. (*.*)
    God bless you and your family!
    It must be wonderful to be with them.

  4. Hi Cindy.
    Yes, nice to see the kids again. Wife is happy too, BUT we went from the 90’s to the 20’s. !! I wanna go back. Really its too hot there and too cold here. Whats a guy to do??? No insulation in the RV.
    Thanks for joining me in this beautiful novena.
    God bless. You are a true friend.

    Prayed day 2

  5. Day 8 and Day 2.

    Hi dear friend!
    Living in the Canadian Prairies I can relate to the fluctuation in weather.
    I’m a big baby and can’t handle the cold….uh, nor the heat.
    I can only imagine how wonderful it is for your family that you are all together again!
    May you and your dear wife stay all warm and snug under your Holy Angel’s wing.
    Thank YOU dear futterlieb!

  6. Day 3.

    Cindy, you have a wonderful way with words. You could write verse on the back of Holy Cards. You must be one of Heavens favorites. Thank you, and God bless you.

  7. Day 9 and Day 3.

    Awww, you are very kind dear friend,
    but if I have any good words or works in me at all, they come from my awesome Guardian Angel.
    Hail to your Angels, and God bless you, your dear wife and your family.

  8. Day 8.

    Dear Cindy, You are a guiding angel. Thank you.

  9. Awww, you are a dear man, but I am no angel.
    I do have a good one though, and he thanks you (*.*)
    I pray your and your wife’s angels are keeping you all warm and snug…
    maybe the weather has also warmed for you?

    I am looking out the window now at that cold white fluffy stuff falling down from the heavens. Brrrr Spring in Alberta. When we get snow in May, we collect it, have it blessed, and call the holy water “Mary’s Snow.” And that would be about the only good thing to come out of snow in May.
    And it makes the farmers happy…but I ain’t a farmer, ha.
    God bless you and your family!

  10. Prayed day 9.
    God bless your family and you too dear friend.
    Thank you for accompanying me on this extended novena.

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