Ugandan priest suspended after contesting celibacy



Ugandan priest suspended after contesting celibacy



“Adista” news agency reconstructs the events involving the Ugandan Church

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The open issue of priestly celibacy and the African Church has re-emerged in the form of a heated debate in one of the Continent’s most important Churches.


In an open letter written by Fr. Anthony Musaala and sent last 12 March, the young Ugandan priest invited the country’s bishops and laity reflect seriously on the “failure of celibate chastity among diocesan priests” and “a reform process which should also lead priests to a new consideration of marriage.”


“According to the young priest, the current situation among the Ugandan clergy is completely inconsistent with the life of many prelates,” Musaala wrote. Celibacy – a style of life many priests do not respect – conceals worrying cases of abuse.


The bishops’ reply was not long in coming and was communicated through the Archbishop of Kampala, Cyprian Kisito Lwanga. His message was published by Adista news agency, as well as by the Ugandan daily Daily Monitor. Fr. Anthony Musaala was called to order and in accordance with canon law 1314 “he incurs an automatic suspension Ferendæ Sententiæ.” The archbishop accused Musaala of giving a bad name to the Church in his country.

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