You Just Won the Papacy! Now What?… “Voy a Disney World! Ariba!”

Jesus Christ theme park in Buenos Aires reveals Papal approval

As theme parks go, Buenos Aires’s Tierra Santa or the Holy Land is original; featuring displays dedicated to the key moments in the life of Jesus Christ, the highlight is an hourly resurrection.

3:15PM GMT 30 Mar 2013
According to the parks owners, over five million visitors have crossed its hallowed gates since it opened in 2001.

But this number is set to rise after the recent coronation of Argentine native, Pope Francis, Latin America’s first pontiff, who gave his blessing to the park during his time as Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

And while it is popular throughout the year it is particularly busy during the Holy Week of Easter when the park comes to life and there are three days of religious re-enactments.

Director of Tierra Santa, Maria Fierro, says the park takes visitors on a religious journey back in time – and welcomes visitors from all backgrounds.

“It’s a park that is open to all beliefs, multi-faith and it is creating really, in a Latin American city, the Jerusalem of that time over two-thousand years before.”

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  1. Man, if any pope today grabbed a shotgun, an English setter and headed up into the hills, the media would go bonkers! Even more so if he rode to hounds!

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