AQ May Have Just Been Hacked! Alert to Moderators!

I just got this notice from a member.

My PM function is NOT working so would someone be so kind as to get this word to Serv, Tom, Tim and ECS pronto?


( And no, for once, I am not kidding. )

Thank you!!!


Date: 2013-03-24 22:26:55

Subject: Hacking Alert AQ

Someone just notified me of a possible hacking or compromise of the AQ site which is posted on Google when you keyword search.
Someone has embedded a sexually obscene message which appears very briefly when the site is accessed via Google keyword search for Angelqueen. Google has posted an alert also seen when a keyword search is done for this site.

Servitium and all moderators should be notified.

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14 comments on “AQ May Have Just Been Hacked! Alert to Moderators!

  1. I left off the sender’s screen name since it is immaterial.

    • I’m looking into this now. It appears to be some version of the pharma hack.

      As an FYI, it’s not harmful to any end-user machines, It’s just a site-centric backdoor thing that hawks Viagra etc.

      We probably got it from one of the plug-ins.

  2. I’ve noticed this when accessing AQ on my iPhone for several weeks now. Plain text with ads for Viagra type products pops up for a second or two then the AQ page loads. I do not notice this on my laptops or PCs.

  3. I do on my PC. Every time I use the page. It’s either a big header on the article (old method of interference) or now, when the page loads or you go to a specific article, every time it displays the Viagra material. Frustrating!

  4. Sounds like you guys need a “pop up” blocker. :-P

  5. Hey guys, I did some fixes and for the moment it seems as though it might be fixed.

    If anyone is still having any problems let me know.

  6. I’m still seeing the ads

  7. I don’t get it. I’m a little slow, though.

  8. I am sorry to say, on Tuesday it’s the same mess, new day–viagra information at every new page entry to a screen.

  9. I’ve hired a 3rd party to take care of this. Hopefully the problem will be resolved ASAP.

  10. According to the techs that worked on AQ, we should be good-to-go now.

    If anyone still is having problems let me know.

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