Quid Infernum? Throne Out at Rome but the Beat Goes On!

Cathedra esse minor?

Eiciatis thronum?

Mama mia!!!!


March 22, 2013. (Romereports.com)

When it comes to small details, Pope Francis has already made some changes. His open attitude is obvious, but there are other things that may be overlooked by many.

The Pope has used this white chair, instead of the traditional throne seat.
Up until now, he has only used the traditional throne seat once. In his other meetings, with religious leaders and diplomats, Pope Francis has used a simple white chair, which is usually reserved for weekly general audiences.

Another point is that the chair is not elevated on a platform, rather it’s kept at the same level and height as other seats. In fact, during his meeting with religious leaders, he used the same type of chair used by the guests.

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2 comments on “Quid Infernum? Throne Out at Rome but the Beat Goes On!

  1. After all we may offened whoever . jpii is back. , he only the bishop of rome. one among many.

  2. JCC – have you seen the photo of B16 and F1 together?

    Creepy. TWO, count ’em, TWO popes in white – together.

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