An interesting blog devoted to the old churches in Philly
If you are from Philly this might interest you. If you click on the heading “Church Recaps” there is a list of parishes that are either active or not and for each one listed there are pictures,some of them are not very happy re: Ascension, a parish near where I grew up. But there are also those who have survived and some of the pictures are really nice.

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2 comments on “An interesting blog devoted to the old churches in Philly

  1. My mother’s old parish, Immaculate Conception, in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, closed in 2012. My parents were married there in 1951.
    A magnificent church which seated 1,400 people, now shuttered and probably waiting for the wrecking ball. What a shame.

    The closing Mass in 2012:

    Christmas morning Solemn Mass in 1954, at 5:00 AM:

  2. Thank you for this blog. I spent an entire morning (it was snowing here so I had a mini-vacation) looking at the photos and reading the blog entries and I am not even from Philly! (northern NJ, actually–I hope using a nickname is okay. I meant it with affection)

    I think the blog’s purpose is a great one and I like the comments about the projected longevity of the remaining parishes and I love looking at Church interiors and architecture. Each Church reminds me of a rose in a bouquet–each a different color, each aspect a different testimony of a parish to the life it reflects from God. Even the wreckovated Churches have a little garden or a cemetery that says what the Churches cannot. Lovingly tended, neatly arranged, a tear in God’s eye, so to speak.

    It’s a toss-up for me to say that I like both the Italian and Polish parishes. When in doubt, polychrome wins.

    The closed and destroyed parishes broke my heart. Every time I now look inside any sanctuary, instead of feeling the accumulated prayers of the faithful, I see in my mind’s eye traces of that devastation that could well happen to any of the parishes I am in.

    Thank you again for a beautiful tribute and blog.

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