Francis I: The New Pope and Prophecy


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Francis I: The New Pope and Prophecy

The new pope Francis I, elected today (03-13-13), soberly
emerged for the first time on the balcony of St. Peter’s Basicila.
“It seems to me that my brother cardinals have chosen one who is from far away, but here I am.”

—Francis I, the newly-elected pope

Today, the new pope expressed a few words that immediately brought to mind a prophecy that refers to a time “about twelve years” into “the millennium.” Coincidentally enough, the pope has chosen the name “Francis I” and the prophecy comes from a Franciscan tertiary who is now a “beati” of the Church.
Incidentally, a “beati” is one whose cause for canonization is opened, and has passed the titles of Servant of God and Venerable. “Blessed” is the final stage before canonization to the sainthood. His name? Blessed Tomasuccio de Foligno, who died in 1377 A.D.
In commenting on his prophecy, he allegedly spoke of a pope to whom he referred as “degno pastori.” The word “degno” is defined as “worthy, deserving, eligible, suitable, admirable, respectable.” The word “pastori,” of course, means Pastor (the Shepherd), and therefore refers to a Pope. As for his prophecy, the blessed said:

“One from beyond the mountains shall become the Vicar of God. Religious and clerics shall take part in this change. Outside the true path, there will be only disreputable men; I shrug my shoulders when the Barque of Peter is in danger and there is no one to lend it help… The schismatic shall fall into the scorn of the Italian faithful… By about twelve years shall the millennium have passed when the resplendent mantle of legitimate power shall emerge from the shadows where it was being kept by the schism. And beyond harm from the one who is blocking the door of salvation, for his deceitful schism shall have come to an end. And the Mass of the faithful shall attach itself to the worthy Shepherd, who shall extricate each one from error and restore to the Church its beauty. He shall renew it.” – Blessed Tomasuccio de Foligno (1319-1377 A.D.)
The new pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio (pronounced Ber-GOAL-ee-oh), comes from “beyond the mountains” (which usually indicates Rome). In fact, he comes from a city on the sea. Born of Italian parents, Francis I was raised in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina in South America. (At the age of 76, he shall be 266th pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church.) Thus, Francis I is of European heritage but he will be the first-ever Latino Pope. Technically, he is the first non-European Pope of the Church in more than 1,000 years.
Earlier today, the newly-elected Pope somberly emerged from the white balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica. After expressing his thanks, he asked the crowd to pray with him and for him.
“As you know, the duty of the conclave was to appoint a bishop of Rome. It seems to me that my brother cardinals have chosen one who is from far away, but here I am.”
“I would like to thank you for your embrace, also to … the bishops, thank you very much.”
“First and foremost, I would like to pray for our emeritus pope, Benedict XVI. Let us pray all of us together … so that he is blessed by the Lord and guarded.” (Please note: I’ve not checked for the translation’s veracity.)
Francis I also lead the cardinals and the crowd in praying the Our Father and the Hail Mary and offered his blessing “to you, the city, and to the whole world.” (“Urbi et Orbi” which literally means “city and world.”)

Meanwhile, let’s pray very much. When he emerged from the balcony today, all may have noted Francis’ somewhat reserved manner and his quiet dignity. Formerly the head of the Jesuits, it is said that he is a very capable and yet humble man, leading a somewhat austere life as an an archbishop. Unlike many other prelates, he has not attracted much attention to himself…and this indeed may be a good sign. On the other hand, the papal election was much faster than anticipated, and it might be that the liberal element had its way. If that is the case, let us pray that Francis will be like Pope Pius IX, whom the liberals considered as one of their own…until he began reinforcing and defending tradition.

Either way, it is our Catholic duty to pray for the new pope’s intentions, which is to say that the Church Militant always asks God to assist a pope in leading the Church according to His holy will. Pray also that Pope Francis is the pope will finally consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, commanding the world’s bishops to join him.

“Pray much for the Holy Father! He will do it, but it will be late.” – Our Lord to Sr. Lucia on the collegial consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
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