Fatima Shrine recalls Pope Francis’ sponsorship of the Pilgrim Image of the Virgin of Fatima

Fatima Shrine recalls Pope Francis’ sponsorship of the Pilgrim Image of the Virgin of Fatima

For the record, here is a Google translation of yesterday’s email (in Portuguese) of the Fatima Shrine’s announcement regarding Cardinal Bergoglio’s 1998 sponsorship of the Pilgrim Image of the Virgin of Fatima:

From: Press Room | Fatima Shrine
Date: March 16, 2013 10:42:06 AM PDT
Subject: Buenos Aires, 1998: Fatima Shrine recalls the reception of Pope Francisco to Image Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima

26/2013, of March 16, 2013 – 17:30
Buenos Aires, 1998 – “Benvinda the house, Mother!”

Fatima Shrine recalls the reception of Pope Francisco to Image Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima

The Shrine of Fatima recalls with joy the host made on 19 April 1998 by D. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, current pope Francisco, the image of the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima, this pilgrimage within the image to Argentina.

In the archives of the Department of Studies and Dissemination (SESDI) Fatima Shrine is said that at 16:00 on 19 April 1998, D. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, as archbishop of Buenos Aires, welcomed the image of the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima, coming from the Shrine of Fatima in Portugal.

At April 19, the image coming from the Argentine province of S. Louis bound for the federal capital of Argentina, was expected “at the intersection of the avenues”, in Buenos Aires, the current Pope Francisco, who deserved to receive the “White Pilgrim.”

Along with D. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and other members of the clergy of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, the Diocese of Avellaneda and “a large quantity of followers of different ages,” was the Bishop of Avellaneda, founder of “Missionary Family of Fatima” and promoter Image of Fatima pilgrimage, D. Ruben H. di Monte.

After the reception, the image of the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima went through some streets of Buenos Aires in procession with prayers and songs, to the College of Our Lady of Fatima, where the Eucharist was celebrated, presided over by the current Pope.

The homily of D. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, described in the documentation submitted to the Shrine of Fatima, as “short, meaningful and emotional,” focused on the words of welcome “Benvinda home, Mother.”

In that homily, which at the end is particularly addressed a prayer to Our Lady, D. Jorge Bergoglio reflected on the figure of Mary as the mother who welcomes and comforts all her children and they know the prayers, wishes and joys.

“So we opened it (Mother Mary) the door of our hearts and our home. We opened the door for him in our city. She knows where it has to go. She must know where to touch, caress it has to give, that wound can heal. She knows the prayer more guarded in our hearts, what we want, sometimes we dare not say it, “he said.

“Dear Mother: Benvinda the house! It teaches us that Jesus is alive, that feel alive among us. It teaches us the language of tenderness. Welcome home, Mother! Look for my family, you know what you need. Look through our neighborhood, you know right where to go. Look into my heart, you know better than me. Welcome home! Teach me that Jesus is alive, that they think he’s dead to me. Give me strength, Mom Give me tenderly to help others. Give me peace of heart. Welcome home! “He prayed.

After the celebration the picture was taken at dusk, the church’s first sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima in Argentina, where he was from April 19 to May 23.

The Shrine of Fatima in Buenos Aires, according to documentation SESDI, was built in a very poor, originally called “Bajo Flores” currently “Villa Soldati,” where he lived “working people and needy to the end”.

In 1950, a group of residents of this neighborhood in the capital Buenos Aires acquires an image of Our Lady of Fatima who prays that their homes are spared in the process of expropriation, what would happen. That same year, the Cardinal of Buenos Aires delivers the pastoral care of this zone to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The first is the charge of the parish priest Mejido Celso Díaz.

The Cardinal had available after the new parish was venerated image of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal and brought blessed by Cardinal Cherry. The decree of erection of the parish date of July 25, 1950.

The current temple was inaugurated on October 12, 1957, the altar was consecrated a year later and, in 1992, the then Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires, D. Antonio Quarracino, declares as sanctuary archdiocesan parish.

This pilgrimage where the image was received by the current Pope Francisco – who sojourned in the First Image of the Virgin Peregrina (No. 1), which is currently enshrined in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima in Fatima / Portugal – held between 1998 and 2000, with visits to Argentina and Uruguay.

Leopoldina Simões, Press Room Fatima Shrine

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