Atsa Ma Boy! Bring Ben Back! [ Satire ]

Already, the kerfufflous hijinks of Santo Subito are being looked upon wistfully, even by some pretty hardened Trads. Anticipation mounts of a tsunami of “poverty chic” flooding sanctuaries ( does anyone even USE that term, anymore? ) and turning what bits may remain of decorum into gurgling flotsam. And, once the trendy, Sixties-ish / miserablist socialists and over-the-moon liturgical dilettantes arrive by submarine from their home ports on the Tiber, Sao Paulo and the Paraná Rivers ( which will all, no doubt, be drained and the water given to thirsty mulsim construction workers buliding mosques in the Americas – and ROME! ), no parish in the world will be safe.

The first indication of this instantaneous upheaval is the TOTAL disappearance of Pope Benedict XVI from the collective memory of over 1 billion Catholics – in less than 72 hours! Wiped out! Poof!

That’s sad. So, having whacked his mitre enough times already in the past eight years, we now extend a friendly hand of wistful reminiscence to the lovable conciliar Rhein Gruppen Oberstfuhrer und Heilige Pabst, Josef Cardinal/Pope Ratzinger, who has, no doubt, been pulling night shifts and overtime in his chapel since Wednesday night…. Ach, du lieber! Neeeeiiiiinnnnn! NICHT ihm! Nein!

Up first, a nice note from another blog…..

“I am told by some friends who met him, that, Pope Benedict XVI WALKED to his office prior to his election as Pope. Does this make him more humble than our new Pope who took the bus ? Is there anything virtuous about taking the bus or cooking your own meals; maybe you like cooking and enjoy a bus ride ? I don’t know. But why didn’t the papers report Benedict walking to work when he was elected; was he not a humble Pope ?”

17 March, 2013 13:39

Next, a light hearted reminder that he DID indeed do some good things….

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3 comments on “Atsa Ma Boy! Bring Ben Back! [ Satire ]

  1. Welp, that’s 4 minutes of my life lost for good. B>b.

  2. But, but, but…. You mean that’s not TRUE????

    Gee, I just placed a special order for chocolate JPII figures, guaranteed to arrive just before the end of the month, too!

    Dang! Wonder if it’s too late to cancel….

  3. Did you order the ones from Godiva? I hear they are really good. Soft and runny outside surrounding a hard candy shell on the inside, which surrounds nothing within. Hazelnut cream, I think.

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