Life Imitating Art? Is the Commie Dream Coming True?

WAAAAAAAYYYYYY too close for comfort.

My prediction – Francis will move swiftly and wreak enormous havoc, for awhile. If sane reading of allegedly sane Spanish-speaking journalists familiar with the man’s record ( ENORMOUSLY at odds with fawning media reports, so far ) can be trusted, we will very soon all be reminiscing over how it wasn’t THIS bad, even in the days of JP II.

Fortunately, the Curia works at the same glacial speed as the US Congress so not everything this, the newest of several, recent socialist popes wants will automatically come to, pass.

I was very much concerned that this is exactly what we would get. Frankly, it could not have been otherwise. Most cardinals going into the Sistine Chapel, with the possible exception of the more colorful chaps in the Eastern garb – who may have been able to stave off at least some of the stink of Vatican II, being so far removed geographically and culturally from it – are implicitly spineless protestant socialists. The very tiny number of Siris, Ottavianis, de Castro Mayers, LeFebvres, Bp. Luigi Carlis et al that formed COETUS at the Council are long gone. Even Burke and Ranjinth support the Council – which contains, in the words of the late, great Canon Gergory Hesse, STD, JCD, who worked with Cd. Strickler and in Rome for 15 years – blasphemy and heresy.

As I may have said here before, either Canon Hesse was a lunatic or matters are MUCH worse than even the most pessimistic observer would care to admit casually.

So, factor in my Irish temperament, the fact that we are only 72 hours into this papacy, etc., etc. and I will be first to admit I HOPE I am more wrong than ever I’ve been. But I really don’t think so, not from where I’m sitting, looking at what I see and evaluating according to my own experience.

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6 comments on “Life Imitating Art? Is the Commie Dream Coming True?

  1. You are right about the cardinals all being modernists. However, I don’t think that there is any reason so far, to support the idea that he will do what the pope in the fictional ‘Shoes of the Fisherman’ did. His identifying with St. Francis of Assisi doesn’t make him a communist. Nor does his love of Lady Poverty.

    St. John Bosco’s (paraphrased) prophesy that there would be a pope who would, at first, be a media darling, and would be leading everyone away from Rome when a great light shines upon him and he turns back, could very well apply to Pope Francis. We need to calm ourselves and have confidence. Maybe it is our fear and lack of confidence that has kept us from receiving the grace of the consecration we are hoping for.

  2. Canon Hesse boldly stated that John XXIII was a communist and we are all well acquainted with Paulo Sesto’s subterranean adventures with world socialists. So, we will just have to see where Francis comes out. His humble Jorge act is straight outta the Alinsky playbook, so I’m not optimistic. And I will grant you that Alinsky was not a card carrying commie, per se.

    I’m certainly not claiming the new pope is that, exactly.

    He doesn’t need to be. The comrades take whatever the bleeding hearts are more than willing to hand ’em, gratis.

    • Bleeding hearts? Didn’t uncle Jo Stalin refer to them as “useful idiots”?

      If he really wants to make sure that the Church’s assets are not squandered on needless fripperies, then he could do no better than ridding her of every homosexual hierarch who has colluded in the treasure of the Church being used to line the pockets of abuse lawyers.

    • With all due respect Rosariel, but do you hear yourself?

      Humility is an impotent act if humility isn’t for God’s sake, but for man’s. and watching The Masses His Holiness presided over as Cardinal, weren’t for the glory of God, but to entertain an audience. His first “homily” was all about The Cross and proclaiming Jesus as Lord, but who was lord at the Seders celebrated in the Churches! Of the Diocese of Buenos Aires? Where is the talk of The Cross and Our Lord God The Son in his “dialogue” with the Jews? His homily spoke of building, but what has he built as Shepherd of a Diocese. If his past actions show anything, it shows the building of the city of man, not the City of God.

      The sentiments you express are noble and worthy of note. I too pray for Pope Francis Our Holy Father, and I watch too and wait, and hope– no, pray to be wrong. But everything up till his election doesn’t edify me.

  3. And by the way, if they DID liquidate everything, just like in the movie ( which the Romans themselves would NEVER permit! ), just how many would that feed, and for how many days?

    That ol’ injun slogan about teaching a man to fish, comes to mind…

    And, last anybody looked, it sure looked like most fishermen were capitalists. All the Soviet trawlers were doing double duty as ELINT vessels, so they don’t count. : – )

  4. Rosariel, dearest. Please, allow for poetic license.

    I think our pal, quomodo, summed it up perfectly.

    The new pope is a product of the Brave New Church. His records speaks for itself as all of us look to the future. Past is prologue.

    Yes, we do NOT know for sure. But we can make educated guesses. And mine is that we ain’t seen nothin’ , yet! That conclave might just as well have been the Democratic National Convention. And you already know what THAT gave us.

    And, yes, I pray daily for the needs and intentions of Pope Francis. With SPECIAL emphasis based on his need for a Catholic mind. We haven’t seen one of those since 1958, I’m afraid.

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