The Miserablist ( A Guimaraes piece from 2002 )

MISERABLIST CHURCH – The Vatican press agency, Fides, issued a press release condemning those who wear precious Crosses and “expend millions for acquiring the sacred symbol of Christianity and simultaneously forget, in a not very Christian way, that many suffer hunger in the world.” It seems that the communiqué was aimed principally at some top models of the high fashion couture who are wearing expensive crosses, but indisputably it also targets Bishops who have still not given up their golden Crosses. Actualité des Religions, the magazine from which I took the news item (July, 2002, p. 6), understood quite well the Vatican’s double intention in its comment that “Fides gives the example of the president of the Pontifical Commission Justice and Peace, Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan, who wears a wooden Cross hung on an electrical metal wire ….”

The magazine went on to comment: “The epoch of chalices in heavy gold and Crosses adorned with precious stones and diamonds has ended.” My comment: The Miserablist Church is taking over in everything Yes, it is ‘miserable-ist’ since it looks to misery and poverty as a kind of ideal. It is a strange Church that, in name of giving money to the poor, is destroying what remains of the pomp and sacrality due to God and His ministers. What the huge conflagration set by Vatican II has not already burned in this regard, these recent initiatives of the Vatican are trying to destroy.
It seems that some Bishops are adjusting their households to these Vatican demands, and are putting aside the last signs of grandeur and wealth. One of them is Patrick O’Donoghue, the Catholic Bishop of Lancaster, England, who wants to sell his official residence, a magnificent Victorian mansion estimated at $1.6 million, to “help the poor.” He announced his desire to become an “itinerant Bishop.” To achieve that end he desires to reduce ceremony and bureaucracy as much as possible. O’Donoghue stated, “We need a revolution in the Church.” (Actualité des Religions, ibid, p. 30). The Cardinal-Archbishop of Chicago, Francis George, also has offered to sell his Episcopal residence, estimated at $1.2 million, to help cover the expenses of lawsuits over pedophiles priests (ibid.).

This Miserablist Church is not something new. Paul VI had already thought it necessary for the Catholic Church to abandon her symbols of sacrality in order to “not scandalize the people.” He suggested that Vatican City with its magnificent Basilica, priceless history, extraordinary Palaces, and many work of arts should be abandoned. In fact, Paul VI affirmed that “the Pope should leave the Vatican, along with those who inhabit it,” and “should go to live for some time with his seminarians, with his people at St. John Lateran …. At St. John’s, his cathedral, he should inaugurate a new way of governing the Church in the manner of Peter who was poor” (Evidence of this and other points on the Poor Church can be found in my book Animus delendi I, Los Angeles: TIA, 2000, pp. 399-400). By the way, this Poor Church was also the ideal of Judas Iscariot, who, when he saw St. Mary Magdalene washing the feet of Our Lord with a precious perfume, proposed that it be sold to give the money to the poor. Was it really a love for the poor? This was not exactly what the Gospel of St. John (12:6) affirmed…

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2 comments on “The Miserablist ( A Guimaraes piece from 2002 )

  1. ah, the generosity of the nu-kirk of the mean liturgy, the scant history, the dwindling ‘membership’ – priests in big houses who can’t be bothered to keep up silly little non social justice things like Holy Water, a Saturday Mass a place in church to light a candle, etc. etc. Charity Charity Charity for anyone and anything so long as it is not the flock of the Good Shepherd. Christ didn’t create apostles and succession to cure the world of poverty – ‘there will ALWAYS be poor’. and who finds it harder to get into heaven…? oh that’s right, the rich (also according to the words of the Saviour)…so by the reckoning of the Miserabalist Kirk, they actually want to create a world where it will be harder for everyone to get into heaven. But of course that won’t happen – without world poverty what excuse would the wolves in sheeps clothing have to starve the Body of the Church to death?

  2. Kind of reminds me of Judas berating Our Lord for accepting Mary Magdalen’s precious perfume and ointment when she washed His feet at the rich man’s dinner.

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