B’nai B’rith in Argentina Chiming In, As Well

En espanol. But the pic must be from the video posted earlier.

Bear in mind that Koch and Mueller, both shuffled around the Vatican chess board by B16, were BIG with the ADL/ecumaniac crowd.

Guess papabile these days means, well, probably not best to go there on a family-friendly forum, right?


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4 comments on “B’nai B’rith in Argentina Chiming In, As Well

  1. Just nabbed a translation. Usual usual.


    B´Nai B´rith Argentina salutes the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Francisco I.

    ” Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a Catholic committed to interreligious dialogue and has cemented a strong fraternal relationship with the Argentine Jewish community, in particular with B´nai B´rith that has been gratified with its cordial and sincere treatment. B´Nai B´rith made with your support the commemoration of the night of broken glass in different churches of the Diocese of Buenos Aires, including twice the Metropolitan Cathedral of the city of B Aires Mall. Also on two occasions was he who made the final thoughts after reading the liturgical text “of the death of hope”, the most recent being last November 12, 2012. The celebration of the Passover in the Basilica of Saint Francis in 2009 also had his support.

    We recognize at Francisco I a friend of the Jews, a man fond with dialogue and committed to the fraternal meeting.

    We are confident that his papal mandate you can keep the same commitment and put into action his beliefs in the way of inter-religious dialogue. “

  2. chris torey on said:

    Can we trade him back in and go for a new one?
    Is there not a 3 day cooling off period?

  3. A Pope, shortly before becoming Pope, allowed the Jewish Passover to be celebrated in a Catholic Church where the True Passover is made present again? Isn’t that blasphemy? Or maybe the Church of Buenos Aires had ceased to offer the True Passover under this guy’s watch.

    In reparation to the insults to Our Lord’s Sacred Heart, credo in unum deum…

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