1 – 2, Cha-Cha-Chavez

A friend sent me a photoshop pic of Hugo lying in state with a balloon in which the snickering GW Bush of “Miss me yet?” vintage appeared asking, “How’s that socialized medicine workin’ fer ya, Hughey?”

Naturally, all my good inentions to think kind thoughts went right out the window, so heres another look at the subject, from way up dere in the Great White North, eh?

HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA (Catholic Online) – Venezuela President Hugo Chavez was a communist dictator whose heroes were Fidel Castro, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Robert Mugabe, and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

One of his major goals was to integrate Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Ecuador under one Marxist-socialist government umbrella.

During his tyrannical tenure violent crime was rampant in Venezuela, with extrajudicial killings by security agents a recurring problem. The minister of the interior and justice estimated that police committed one in every five crimes.

Throughout his reign of terror, Chavez sought to suppress religious freedom by destroying the influence of his main opponent the Catholic Church. He did this by designing a law that ended traditional government subsidies to Catholic schools and ended the right of children to receive religious education in government-run schools.

The Inter-American Human Rights Commission also accused Chavez of massive violations of human rights, the destruction of democratic principles such as the separation of powers, judicial review of acts of state, and the rule of law over the will of the president.

In addition to harassing political opponents, President Hugo Chávez’s government systematically undermined journalistic freedom of expression, workers’ freedom of association, and the ability of human rights groups to promote human rights.

Not surprisingly, Hugo Chavez departed this vale of tears on the 60th anniversary of the death of Joe Stalin. He will not be missed.


Mr. Paul Kokoski is a freelance writer who holds a BA in philosophy from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. His articles have been published in several journals including, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, New Oxford Review and Catholic Insight.

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5 comments on “1 – 2, Cha-Cha-Chavez

  1. Chavez is hated by the US’s “9/11” looter/rulers because he ignited Latin American hope finally to be free from them. It cannot be quenched, and people now comprehend the super-criminality of murder by drone.
    A patriotic Catholic should understand this.
    By the bye, his socialism represents that echelon of largely benign largely innocent lefties who accepted fraudulent egalitarian communist morality that bleeds for oppressed classes etc.
    The Chavez type has no comprehension of the Satanist Lenin’s dictum that communism is not an ideology but a weapon (against humanity), and that a communist is a dead man on furlough (thus ever dispensable, ever killable).
    And just for a giggle—when he survived the 2002 murder attempt, nameless persons fleeing Venezuela drove Miami real estate prices sky high. This was reported in a Miami real estate magazine! What a hoot.

  2. McDee I would love to respond to your comment but I find it filled so mixed with unrelated points with half-baked facts that I find putting together a logical, concise and coherant reply a pointless endeavor. Having lived in Latin America for several years and traveled most of it’s countries and learning the politics/policies and witnessing the corruption at all levels, I can tell you these as you call “largely benign largely innocent lefties” are no choirboys nor are they naive of communist principibles of power and control. They quite effectively use them while they put on the neo-communist benign helpful mask of socialism. Socialism and Communism until Vatican II’s backroom deals with the devil has always been condemned by the Catholic Church. It is about power and wealth for the dictators and their followers and what little filters down to the people after everyone takes their cut of the hand-me-downs is mismanaged and seldom results in any true and lasting benefits to raise the common people from poverty; nor is it really intended to do so as the last thing these dictators want is to raise someone to rally the people against them. Comparison to gang rule is more accurate and just because they wash their faces and hands and wear fine clothes doesn’t make them any less ruthless than the Stalinites who still control Russia. The people there hate them but would never speak out loud as it would earn you a rapido disapearance or a convenient accident.

    To think these dictators are freely elected is sheer liberal fantasyland and to think they are truely in power to free the oppressed and spread the wealth among the people like a Zorro or Robin Hood is a reall “A” ride ticket in the Wonderful World of Utopialand and rivals the Claim of Disney World as the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

  3. Chubba I surrender with no futile attempt to explain. We inherited our delusions re-enforced by Hollywood, “…a Communist for the FBI.”

    Modern “democracy” is rule by the Satanic societies. Modern man does not believe in Satan, and Masonry is banned from discussion.

    In the Satanists’ view leftists who think socialism—Liberty/Equality/Niceness and all that—is pro-human are dispensable meat. Kill ‘em. Agreed?
    Chavez was so benign he thought socialism is pro-human, so he bounced the rapacious Anglo-American (9/11?) multi-nationals. So when he survived assassination the populace voted for him, so the State Department + proxies said the vote was a fraud, as they do. Did you vote Republican or Democrat? No fraud? Joke.

    A bit silly to call himself socialist, the Chavez type sees no evil, a bit like Chomski, but let’s not go there.

    gpmtrad, how many souls are Chavez and Stalin accused of mass murdering? Wrong question??

  4. McDee: I am apolitical. I have no great fondness for either party or politics in general. Both Parties, Republican and Democrat are running trains whose last stop is the Gates of Hell. Just depends on whether you want to be on the local or the express. How I vote has what bearing on the issue of Chavez? Since I believe wholely in the Kingship of Jesus Christ, I suppose that makes me a Monarchist??

  5. Well, McDee, all I can say is I didn’t write the article. I just found it and posted it here as a news item / editorial comment from a Canadian writer.

    Anway, if a head of state either sanctions or at least does not interfere with rogue cops, it’s on his head as much as the bad cop who pulls the trigger. I don’t know the number involved. But his own minister or interior and justice said that 20% of the acts were commited by rogue cops.

    As for Stalin, it’s in the millions. Either 50 or 60 I think.

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