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Well, here’s a slightly different view of the abdication and oncoming deluge. I kinda liked its bluntness. From TIA ( with due apologies to Serv since Guimaries is no friend of his, nor of AQ… ) You all have already seen the posters the article refers to. I don’t know how to capture and post those. Sorry.

Campaigning for Pope

When Benedict XVI stepped down as an old professor who wants to enjoy a small bourgeois life in his retirement, he conferred a vulgar and democratic note to the Papacy. The message he sent was that the Pope is no longer a Monarch chosen by God for life, but rather just a competent professional chosen by his fellow colleagues to assume their direction for a period of time.

It is not surprising, therefore, that in the wake of his resignation other democratic initiatives are appearing that follow the same lines. Among them is the campaign promoting Card. Peter Turkson for Pope. In the streets of Rome, especially in areas near the Vatican, posters like the one above are being put in public places, as shown in the first row below. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the campaign.

Another initiative is the Internet campaign to “adopt a Cardinal,” as shown in the second row below. Under the pretext of the faithful contributing with prayers for the election of the new Pope, what is actually being promoted is a type of plebiscite to lobby for favorites in the Sacred College of the Cardinals, which soon will be gathering in Conclave.

Note – Although presented as a conservative, Card. Peter Turkson, from Ghana, takes a progressivist stance on the use of condoms to prevent AIDS (here & here)

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