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A friend asked me for titles of works by solid Catholic writers dealing with the end times, prophecy, etc. I had written him regarding the pletora of evangelical crap on the market and he asked for reliable works. As usual, my mind drew a blank. I don’t follow that kind of stuff but it is very hot in the marketplace, I regret to say. Unfortunately, because of evanglical Zionistas, these days.

Any suggested titles and authors would be mucho appreciado! ( A little SoCal lingo there for y’all! )

Andale, amigos!

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11 comments on “Reading Recommendations Request

  1. The only endtimes/prophecy I would read is that approved by the Catholic Church.
    Such as (apparently)not too distant future prophecy, I am thinking of Cardinal Ratzinger quoted as saying , something like, –
    Fatima, Akita in Japan, and Sister Aiello in Italy are connected.
    Please read all you can and you will see what I mean.
    Why worry about what might happen in the distant future when Our Lady is warning us now to pray for Russia and for Priests and Bishops.
    Not connected with the subject but very important, please read, – “The little number of those who are saved”, by St Leonard of Port Maurice, a big wake up call to all of us.
    Lawrence, Wagga, NSW, Australia.

  2. Thanks, Lawrence.

    I believe that there are at least a few scholarly works on the matter.

    And I appreciate your suggestions. I’ve studied Fatima for over 25 years. And I do not place a whole lot of credence in Akita. It is a novus ordo deal and the statue that was supposed to bleed ( and it may well have ) as I understand was from the condemned “lady of all nations” hoax, so we got a little problem there – if my sources are correct.

  3. Will keep looking and thinking, but I found this list which has prophecies and such. I didn’t look into them as the list gave me a headache just looking at it.

  4. This is one that I’ve read that St. Therese was greatly influenced by. It talks of the Anti-Christ and end times stuff in the first couple of chapters.

    The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life by Father Charles Arminjon

  5. Perhaps this will be of assistance:


    I did read a book called something like The Apocalypse Explained a few years ago, which basically stated that St. John was referring some things to those of his times and others to future generations and that we’ve been in the Apocalypse since Jesus died. When the number of Elect is filled, Jesus will come again.

  6. I don’t know if you want to read this whole thing online, but here’s a book for you

  7. Merci, adoro te! I appreciate the effort and time you generously put into that. I posted the book St. Therese liked on the forum my ( now, ex- ) friend frequents. He blew a gasket when I told him he should not, as a Catholic, be reading prot apocalyptical nonsense. Anyway, if he can manage to turn Pat Robertson’s goofball program off long enough and check in to see the post, it might him!

    Please do not go to any further trouble. Your kindness is exemplary!

    I will look throught the Thos. A. Nelson online book when I have the time. Is that the same as TAN, as in the old TAN Publishing. There was a prot publisher named Nelson, as well.

  8. Also, just posted the Apocalypse of St. John for the same individual.

    Many thanks, adoro te!

  9. Reading about the Apocalypse is all well and good, but I have it from reliable sources that the Pontiff Emeritus forsook books concerning the end days in the latter part of his reign, and instead listened to some R.E.M.

    “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Resign)”

  10. This actually fits certain retiring prelates and their “little buddies” I s’pose, but ol’ Kenny’s got a good voice. So, what the heck, right?

  11. A good Catholic friend recommended this book to me:

    I haven’t read it yet.

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