Fire at the Pfeiffer Homestead in Boston, KY

Apparently, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pfeiffer, the parents of Frs. Timothy and Joseph Pfeiffer, caught fire yesterday during morning Mass and burnt to the ground. None of the other structures on the Pfeiffer complex including the chapel, priests house, and other out buildings were involved. Nobody was injured. The Pfeiffer complex has served as the headquarters for the neo-resistance movement of the priests who have been expelled or voluntarily left the Society of St. Pius X over issues stemming from their disobedience to their District Superiors, specifically to refrain from commenting on the wisdom of the discussions between the SSPX and the Vatican until the discussions concluded and the specifics where disseminated.

Mr. Pfeiffer has invested countless labor hours to help various SSPX chapels get off the ground and flourishing. Specifically in 2007, Mr. Pfeiffer spent days helping to restore the newly acquired Blessed Virgin Mary Academy building in Syracuse. Both Mr. and Mrs. Pfeiffer are renowned for their generosity and charity throughout their lives, particularly concerning the Traditional Roman Catholic faith. Neither are in the best of health.

Please add these courageous folks to your prayers and Lenten fasts.

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3 comments on “Fire at the Pfeiffer Homestead in Boston, KY

  1. Fr. Joe Pfeiffer clarified that it was a house on the property that nobody was living in.

  2. I would like to know who your source is for this quote from Fr. Pfeiffer. It is common knowledge among the friends of the Pfeiffers that their family home was destroyed along with most of their belongings.

  3. I just checked out the site and found this discussion going on. It was very confusing for a time, but it appears that the home that Mr. and Mrs. Pfeiffer lived in did burn down after all and on the ordination anniversary of the first priest they welcomed to celebrate mass there way back when.
    Here’s p. 7 of the discussion as to what burned down.

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