Adopt a Cardinal

Adopt a Cardinal

Here is a site that assigns a cardinal to pray and fast for before the conclave.

I got Julio Terrazas Sandoval CSSR from Bolivia.

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11 comments on “Adopt a Cardinal

  1. Thank you, algts22!

    I have adopted Cardinal Paolo Sardi from Italy.

  2. This is who I adopted:
    Odilo Pedro Scherer from Brazil, born 21.9.1949.
    He’s been a Cardinal since 24.11.2007 and his function is: Archbishop of São Paulo, Brazil

  3. I got O’Malley. Oh … wait!

  4. I got Jason Motte. I’ll trade him for Adam Wainwright. If anybody gets him, have your people contact my people. I’d rather have a guy with 184 strikeouts last season than a guy with 42 saves, goin’ into THIS conclave! Way I figure, we gotta keep a whole bunch of these guys, ‘specially the Germans and Afrikanners, from ever gettin’ to first base once the door is locked and the canopies start dropping.

    • Motte is a good choice BECAUSE of the saves. Salvation hasn’t been a strong suit of the last few Popes.

      • I know. I know. But my strategy here is to see if we can get 7 innings out of Wainwright just to keep the wrost of the flapdoodles totally off base until exhaustion and some small glint of reasonability sets in ( I ain’t even gonna say what chance I think prayers and grace have with this lot! ) and THEN bring in Motte to mow down the remaining six batters.

        My instincts tell me the longer the conclave, the more chance we have at a Catholic being made pope. Liberals seem to exhaust themselves when they go into circular firing squad mode. Pray for extra innings!

  5. We got Lluís Martínez Sistach. He is Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain.

  6. I adopted Francesco Monterisi from Italy, born 28.5.1934.
    He’s been a Cardinal since 20.11.2010 and his function is: Archpriest emeritus of the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls

  7. I’ve got Agostino Vallini.

  8. I decided to add Cardinal Vallini’s info.

    From Italy, born 17.4.1940.
    He’s been a Cardinal since 24.3.2006 and his function is: Vicar General of His Holiness for the Diocese of Rome, Archpriest of the papal Lateran Basilica and Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical Lateran University

  9. “Ministry of presence” has only worked to produce the “misery of absence” of sound pedagogy, strict enforcement of traditional papal discipline against wayward clergy and turned the pontificate of the past two popes into carnival sideshows, including a “presence” in synagogues, mosques and heretical bunkers that only confirmed pagans, bigots and heretics in their already long-condemned errors without once making a declarative statement that there is but one Church, outside of which there is no salvation. So, that dog won’t hunt.

    As for a “quicky” conclave, the fact that it represents an inevitable reaction to one of the most absurd decisions ever by a sitting pontiff argues for considerable and very deep deliberation, presuming this crowd ( all JPII and B16 appointees ) is even capable of such. Although, it WOULD work, like the Blitzkrieg strike on day one at Vat II did, to completely undermine whatever voices there might be inside the Sistine Chapel who have at least a glimmer of awareness as to just how great the catastrophe really is after the council and five conciliar popes have wreaked so much disorder, error and theological anemia.

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