For the Record: Mueller on Transubstantiation

From TIA: As we enter an exceptional in week Christian history, a reminder of just whom the Supreme Pontiff made His Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:

In 2002, then Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller published the book The Mass, Source of Christian Life (Die Messe, Quelle Christlichen Lebens) in which he speaks about transubstantiation.

    Rather than the bread and wine being really transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ, Muller affirms they become symbols of the presence of Christ.

At right, the cover of the book by Bishop Gerhard Muller; bottom, photocopies of excerpts on pp. 139-140; below in blue, the translation of the texts highlighted in yellow.

“In reality, body and blood of Christ does not signify the physical parts of the man Jesus during his life or in his glorified body. Body and blood here signifies specifically the presence of Christ in the symbolism of bread and wine. …

“We now have communion with Jesus Christ, through the eating and drinking of the bread and wine. Just as in an interpersonal relationship, a letter can show the friendship between persons and illustrate the affection of the sender for the recipient.” …

“The nature of these gifts can be clarified only in their relation to man. The essence of the bread and the wine, therefore, must be defined in an anthropological way. The natural character of these offerings [bread and wine] as a fruit of the earth and the work of human hands, as units of natural and cultural products, is to strengthen and nourish man and the human community in the character of a common meal. … This natural essence of the bread and wine is transformed by God in the sense that this nature of bread and wine now shows and achieves salvific communion with God.”

(G. L. Müller, Die Messe, Quelle Christlichen Lebens. Augsburg: Sankt Ulrich Verlag, 2002, pp. 139-140)

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4 comments on “For the Record: Mueller on Transubstantiation

  1. With friends like Mueller who needs enemies? Can we believe ANYTHING at all coming out of his office? His blatant distortion and protestant belief is beyond the pale.
    No wonder he hates the SSPX with a passion.
    I hope the next Pope shows him the door pronto and tells him “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”.

  2. I know at least one NO priest who does not believe in the Real Presence. I wonder how many cardinals and bishops don’t either. I say put them all on the polygraph once a year and ask about their faith and morals as a condition of their office.

  3. “The nature of these gifts can be clarified only in their relation to man.”

    Just the lone sentence above is heresy.

  4. There are subtle distinctions. I was just listening to a catechism class by Fr. Delallo (sp?) of the SSPX where he mentions that those who take the Eucharist to desecrate and are stabbing it – they’re not stabbing the substance of God – they’re not stabbing Christ’s hands, feet, chest etc. nor does He feel pain. I immediately thought of Fr. Mueller’s writings along the same lines.

    I have a feeling that both priests are making very fine distinctions that us normal (and abnormal) folk are not grasping. I will certainly give Fr. Mueller the benefit of the doubt – and he has stated that he does not deny transubstantiation and that what he said is not understood correctly by some.

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