The New Pope and Homoheresy……Voris

The New Pope and Homoheresy……Voris

Published on Feb 22, 2013

The new Pope will have to battle the militant homosexuals within the clergy.

Transcript: The New Pope & Homoheresy

Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris back from the Philippines after an extremely enlightening
Our last day there .. we had the great honor and blessing to address a sizable crowd at the
Archdiocese of Lipa’s pro-life week activities. The archbishop himself .. Ramon
Arguelles attended all three talks in person.
What was remarkable was that after our talks were concluded .. in perfect concert with
them .. the archbishop made some closing comments that were nothing less than
astounding .. especially and in particular coming from an archbishop.
He freely admitted and openly discussed the division that exists between bishops and
how this division is damaging the Church .. which is of course true not only in the
Philippines, but also universally.
Our Holy Father .. Pope Benedict has also openly talked about it in his closing days as
Supreme Pontiff. What is beyond remarkable about this is the very salient point – that
bishops in generally never like to openly discuss the divisions that exist among
They like to always portray a unified front. That unified front is often times nothing
more than a façade. Bishops generally like to give the impression that they never break
ranks and always present a united front.
But behind the scenes .. little else could be further from the truth. There is scant unity
among many of the world’s bishops these days. Some division is over prudential matters
where reasonable men can and probably should disagree.
But other causes of division are MUCH more alarming. They betray a willful ignorance
as the current state of peril in which the Church finds herself .. or in some cases .. an
actual desire that the Church remain crippled in dealing with evil.
The causes of these desires are many, but there is no denying that there exists among the
world’s bishops .. including the cardinal-electors who will gather in Rome shortly to elect
the next successor to St. Peter .. deep deep division.
There are some in the American hierarchy who for example have mocked the idea that
the Church is in a crisis. Cardinal Dolan of New York for example openly joked about
the idea at a Knights of Columbus meeting about 18 months ago when he laughingly
said .. for those who say the Church is in a crisis, they should come to this Knights of
Columbus meeting.
Others have followed up and taken his lead and behave as though its just business as
usual. Others are a little more astute and realize the great and impending peril that The
Church is in .. all over the world .. including a number of bishops in The Philippines that
we have met with personally and had far ranging discussions with.
Another bishop deeply concerned about the current state of affairs is the Archbishop of
Davao City also in The Philippines with whom we had a very frank discussion ..
Archbishop Romulo Valles.
He too was deeply concerned about the lack of faith and the advancement of evil taking
place in the Church and how that is affecting society at large.
And now on top of all this division .. a blockbuster report has just emerged produced by a
PhD priest at the Pontifical University in Krakow Poland where he says he was asked to
prepare this report by various bishops and even cardinals.
It details how the secretive homosexual lobby of priests and bishops in the Church is
trying to gain a stronger foothold in his native Poland and how much damage has already
been done by them in other parts of the Church throughout the world.
From active homosexual clergy among priests, to active homosexuals among bishops and
those that are friendly to them that protect them and promote them, as well as those who
had hidden and covered up the resultant child sex abuse at the hands of predator
homosexual clergy.
We have attached a link to the report for your reading. It’s extensive but very well worth
the read. It decries a culture of secrecy and false unity among bishops that has allowed
the massive homosexual militancy to encroach on the Church and bring it to ruin in many
parts of the world.
He says near the conclusion .. “we must clearly, explicitly and reservedly say: yes, there
is a strong homosexual underground in the Church .. such circles in the Church strongly
oppose the truth, morality and Revelation, cooperate with enemies of the Church, [and]
incite revolt against Peter of our times.”
And in another telling line he says .. “It is for [his] accuracy of opinion that he is so
vehemently opposed, or even hated by some in the Church, especially by members of the
homolobby which represents the very center of internal opposition against the Pope.”
That is an astounding statement. When Benedict was first elected and said to pray for me
that I do not flee for fear of the wolves, he was not talking about the wolves of the culture
outside the Church, but the wolves in sheeps’ clothing INSIDE the church that he was
WELL aware of having been head of the CDF for nearly 25 years.
Many uniformed in the Church today .. especially in the United States and its “don’t hurt
anyone’s feelings” climate scoff at the idea of a homosexual underground in the Church ..
what the polish PhD priest Fr. Oko calls the homolobby.
They laugh it off or say its isolated and largely ineffectual .. but if you sit down privately
with heterosexual priests, bishops and even cardinals you will here an entirely different
story. They are very much aware of the power and influence of these men who operate
behind the scenes very clandestinely.
It is not at all beyond the realm of possibility that it has been the obstruction and
roadblocks thrown up by the homolobby in the Church, including the Vatican itself that
has finally beaten down Pope Benedict.
This is a dangerous crowd. They destroy people, most especially clerics who dare to
challenge them. They wield incredible influence behind the scenes protecting one
another. They promote what Fr. Oko calls “ homoheresy” to the worldwide detriment of
the Church.
This is why .. aware of their massive damaging and dangerous influence at all levels of
the Church .. Pope Benedict set out very early in his reign to expunge them from the
Church .. starting with seminaries. But he was, unsurprisingly, met with opposition from
almost day one.
From what insiders tell us .. the homolobby has a special disdain for the Traditional Latin
Mass because it evokes and hearkens back to a theology that they despise – especially a
moral theology regarding human sexuality.
Fr. Oko comes out and plainly states in his report .. “If homolobbyists are allowed to act
freely, [in Poland] in a dozen or so years they may destroy entire congregations and
dioceses – like in the USA, where priestly vocation is more and more now called a gay
In the book Light of the World, the Holy Father nails the problem exactly – “The greatest
persecution of the Church comes not from her enemies without, but arises from sin within
the Church.” (p.27)
Even Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone himself has publicly gone on
record and stated that “the Catholic Church has a problem with homosexuals rather than
pedophiles” – obviously speaking directly on the matter of clergy sex abuse.
My brother and sister Catholics, this homoheresy, to use Fr, Oko’s term, has wreaked
havoc on the Church and her members for decades now. Almost single-handedly it has
caused the mass falling away of hundreds of millions from the true Church established by
Christ for man’s salvation – outside of which no one is saved.
It is responsible for the corruption of young minds, the polluting of catechesis, the
ruination of the priesthood in many countries and the corruption of some of the highest
offices in the church.
It may be the biggest, yet most private war the new pope will have to wage. Pray to the
Holy Spirit that he send us a Hero-Pope, a Soldier-Pope who will vigorously attack and
root out this evil from the mystical body of Christ.
One last quote from Fr. Oko sums things up nicely .. “The global network of the
homolobbies and homomafias must be counterbalanced by a network of honest people.
An excellent tool that can be used here is the Internet, which makes it possible to create a
global community of people concerned about the fate of the Church, who have resolved
to oppose homoideology and homoheresy. The more we know, the more we can do.”
The more we know, indeed!
GOD Love you,
I’m Michael Voris

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  1. It seems that everyone thinks Pope Benedict XVI will resign as he said on Feb 28th. But suppose the Holy Spirit intervenes and convinces him that a resignation now with all the problems in the Church is not God’s Will and amounts to a lack of confidence in God’s Providence. Suppose, for example a voice convinces him that he has unfinished work to do including regularizing the SSPX and consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Does a leader in the midst of battle give up and expect someone else to take over? I don’t think so.

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