A final offer to the Society of Saint Pius X confirmed

French La Croix seems to confirm this previous information: A final offer to the Society of Saint Pius X was sent.

This is a Google translation.

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7 comments on “A final offer to the Society of Saint Pius X confirmed

  1. I suggest a one word answer, the one used by General Anthony Clement McAuliffe: “Nuts!”

  2. This makes no sense unless there is more to it than a last chance to accept the last offer. The Vatican knows that any individual SSPX priest has always had the option for rapprochement with the Vatican – that is the FSSP. Any priest who has refused that would not be interested in what the Sept 2011 offer from Cardinal Levada proposed.

    So this is either Cdl Muller taking his last opportunity under this papacy to turn the screws one more time or the pope has caused something in the offer to be significantly different enough to at least consider.

    After Feb 28th, there is no Pope to declare an excommunication (for a while, at least) and I don’t believe Benedict would consider that to be either warranted or desirable.

  3. I just confirmed from the La Croix that the letter was from Cdl Muller so that is really all we need to know. It is nefariously conceived, and meant to needle the Society, and probably belongs in the circular file.

  4. Reminds me of that line from the movie, Godfather, “I gotta offer you cannot refuse”. Why do the modernists persist in their efforts to make the SSPX a vehicle of their own discredited policies? It just simply ain’t goin to happen.

  5. Mueller could be the next pope, God forbid. Or Bertone. Not Casper, thank God. Really, are there any god candidates?

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