Abdication – Does it have an upside?

The following article ( and, yes, I may have posted the link sometime in the past but I’m aging – so sue me! ) is one of those drop-whatever-you’re-doing-right-now-and-read-THIS!!! pieces.

I think it demonstrates the severity of the theological crisis atop which Benedict XVI sits for the next couple of weeks. It is insidious – as the conclusions in this article make very plain.

What is at stake is the very nature of Catholicism and the relationship between God and man.

Thus, the title I gave this thread.

The answer: Maybe – if one of the leading architects of the mayhem is the one abdicating. It’s a LONG shot, to be sure, but we might get a Thomist in there.

And time is incredibly short.

So, have at it gang!


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3 comments on “Abdication – Does it have an upside?

  1. While I agree that it’s indeed a long shot, at least our next Pope may be someone who wasn’t an actual participant in Vatican II. I believe that Pope Benedict’s main internal conflict has been between his realization that things have gone horribly wrong in the Church over the past 50 years and his prideful refusal to admit or possibly even to recognize that the Council in which he was on the side of the revolutionaries was the primary cause of the troubles.

    It’s pretty much a given that the next Pope will be a Modernist, but without a direct, personal attachment to the Modernist Council, he just might be able to admit that it did, at least on some points, constitute a break with Catholic Tradition, or possibly even that its lack of clear, dogmatic language makes its documents as ephemeral as many Conciliarists (including Benedict himself) claim the ever more relevant Syllabus of Errors to be.

    Okay, so I’m an optimist… so sue me! But, not in Germany…

  2. Jim Larson is an astounding thinker and writer.

    Yes, the Church in due time will be well rid of Pope Benedict, but whether the immediate change will bring about desired change remains to be seen. It is time for Rosary upon Rosary. I hope the PC cardinals elevate a “third-world” bishop they imagine to be controllable, only to have the Holy Ghost intervene in the humble soul of the new pontiff.

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