amazing picture from vatican today


Rough translation: Today’s picture is by Alessandro Di Meo, photographer of the Ansa agency. The photojournalist was able to capture a lightning bolt falling on the cupola of Saint Peter’s, on the very day of pope Benedict XVI’s resignation announcement.

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9 comments on “amazing picture from vatican today

  1. “L’immagine del giorno è di Alessandro Di Meo, fotografo dell’agenzia Ansa. Il fotoreporter è riuscito a catturare la caduta di un fulmine sulla cupola di San Pietro proprio nel giorno dell’annuncio delle dimissioni di papa Benedetto XVI (ansa).”

  2. Can’t say for sure.

    Lightning strikes the earth 100 times ever second.

    The timing and location, well….

    At least, it’s a good reminder of Who is still in charge of all meteorologists, photographers and pious speculators.

    Like I said, can’t say for sure…

    Anyway, thanks Howl for the photo.

    And a final question, anyone have any similar photos from between October, 1962 and December, 1965 or the days on which the Nervous Ordeal was promulgated or Assisi I, II or III, or any of the World Youth Days, or papal visits to synagogues or mosques oroccured?

    If there were a pattern there, well….

    Meantime, knock yerself out….

  3. PS: As John Vennari wrote today on his CFN page, there will now be unleashed a veritable tsunami of speculations.

    99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of which, as always, will be utterly futile.

  4. “Rumors that Mahony was hiding under the dome could not be confirmed.”

  5. He’s not in Charlie Sheen’s basement?

  6. I had the unfortunate experience with a “friend” on Facebook posting this picture and using it against the Church :(

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