What is the Catholic Teaching on Politics?


What is the Catholic Teaching on Politics?

In a celebration of Catholic culture, Fisher More College featured Professor Professor of Theology Karl Strauch at its 3rd Year of Faith Event.
Professor Strauch’s talk was on the prophesied future universal reign of Christ the King and how it relates to the current geopolitical climate.

In 1675, Our Lord appeared in Paray-le-Monial, France, to Saint Marguerite Marie Alacoque promising her the reign of His Sacred Heart. “Fear nothing, I will reign in spite of My enemies and of those who endeavor to oppose me. This Sacred Heart will reign in spite of Satan and of all those whom he raises up to oppose it.” Saint Marguerite heard Him repeating the following sentence to her: “Heaven and earth shall pass away but My words shall not fail.”  Those words uttered by Our Lord over three centuries ago were, in fact, a divine confirmation of the passionate and apocalyptic cry by the Apostle to the Nations: Oportet autem illum regnare donec ponat omnes inimicos sub pedibus eius (1 Corinthians 15:25).
The dominant error, the capital crime of the last centuries has been the pretension by world leaders to subtract the public domain from the rule and the law of God. Consequently, the fundamental principle underlying the whole modern, social edifice is tantamount to legal and institutional atheism. Men wish to “save” themselves without God. They have made such claims their battle cry and leitmotif. Having forgotten and ultimately denied the divine destiny of man, the modern world, in spite of its prodigious scientific achievements, is plunged into the deepest confusion and anguish which is symptomatic of its moral and spiritual misery.
Under the growing specter of a world conflict which threatens to annihilate humanity some members of society search for a solution to the grave and endemic problems that undermine its foundation, but each passing day the horizon appears somber. The reason being that governments of the world have denied Christ the King his due. They have rendered all to Caesar and nothing to God. They ignore the true characteristics of the social kingship of Jesus Christ, a reign of truth and life; a reign of holiness and grace; a reign of justice, love and peace.

In what has rightfully been described as the Marian era by several Supreme Pontiffs, it shall be the limited scope of this conference to shed light on the writings of luminaries such as Cardinal Pie of Poitiers, Jean Ousset, Antoine Blanc de Saint Bonnet, Fr. Denis Fahey, Msgr. Henri Delassus, etc., in regards to the social apostasy of Christian nations, as well as to present scriptural and theological arguments supporting the reign of Christ on earth, which God has promised to establish through the miraculous conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith.
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