Declining Numbers May Have Forced Abortion Mill to Close

Pro-life leaders cheer the apparent closing of the Lima abortion facility

Tossed furniture and boxes of files moved out. Area pro-life organizers are expressing optimism over the apparent closing of the Lima abortion facility, Capital Care Network’s Lima center of operations.

The Lima abortion facility was busy Monday in what may well be the closing of its operations regionally, though the facility remains tight-lipped.

Repeated calls on Tuesday morning to the facility were not answered.

For their part, pro-life organizers were expressing optimism.

“”The closing of Capital Care Network abortion facility in Lima is a blessing for pro-life,” said Jan Kahle, Respect Life Coordinator Diocese of Toledo. “It witnesses to the presence of God for those who prayed and stood as His representatives during 40 Days for Life campaigns and times when the clinic was open. It testifies to the work God is doing through those who take up the task of pro-life. The closing of Capital Care Network is a message of hope to continue laboring for the unborn and for mothers and fathers dealing with a challenging pregnancy.”

For their part, organizers of Lima’s abortion alternative center, Heartbeat of Lima, say that while the move gives them hope, much remains to be done.

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