Martyrology-January 16th
Roman Martyrology-January 16th-on this date in various years-

At Rome, on the Salarian Way, the birthday of Pope St. Marcellus I, a martyr for the confession of the Catholic faith. By command of the tyrant Maxentius he was beaten with clubs, then sent to take care of animals, with a guard to watch him. In this servile office, dressed in haircloth, he departed this life.

In Morocco in Africa, the martyrdom of the five Protomartyrs of the Order of Friars Minor, Berard, Peter, and Otto who were priests, and Accursius and Adjutus who were lay brothers. For preaching the Catholic faith, and because of their hatred of the Mohammedan Law, after various torments and mockeries by the Saracen king, they were beheaded.

At Rhinocolura in Egypt, the holy bishop St. Melas, who rested in peace after suffering exile and other painful trials for the Catholic faith during the reign of Emperor Valens.

At Arles in France, St. Honoratus, bishop and confessor, whose life was renowned for learning and for miracles.

At Oderzo near Venice, St. Titian, bishop and confessor.

At Fondi in Lazio, St. Honoratus, abbot, mentioned by Pope St. Gregory.

At Froheins, in the diocese of Amiens in France, St. Fursey, confessor, whose body was afterwards transferred to the monastery of Peronne.

At Rome, St. Priscilla, who devoted herself and her goods to the service of the martyrs.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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