Who is this bishop?

Pope Taps New York Vicar for Camden, NJ, Bishop
The pope has named a new bishop for Camden, New Jersey, after agreeing to let Bishop Joseph Galante retire a few months early because of his ailing health.

The Vatican said Tuesday that the new leader of the Camden diocese is Bishop Dennis Sullivan, currently the vicar general of the New York archdiocese.

Galante, who has been Camden bishop since 2004, began dialysis due to chronic kidney disease in 2011. He reaches the mandatory retirement age of 75 in July.

The 67-year-old Sullivan is a New York City native and is a member of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ committee on child protection, which oversees the U.S. church’s sex abuse norms.

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One comment on “Who is this bishop?

  1. Considering Gov. Keating’s famous resignation letter describing the criminal mentality of the USCCCP in dealing with its sodomite movers and shakers, that this new mitre bearer is neck-deep in that compost pile ought to gladden hearts throughout New Jersey.

    Guilt by association? Well, as another governor would put it: You betcha!

    After all, outside of that feller that presided over Kazakhstan or Khazahkstan ( I’m too tired to look up the correct spelling ), there are VERY few other Nervous Oreo bishops worth NOT suspecting of you-name-it-they-prob’ly-thought, said, did-it! as it concerns a vast range of important Catholic subjects.

    So, sure, let’s all hope the new kid on the block is a prince. However, based on precedent…

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