The Malachi Martin files have been added

You can find the link on the right sidebar some ways down the page.


It was a bit of work to reformat all of it and there still may be a few kinks via the transition. All of the documents should be downloadable in PDF format for archive and/or distribution.

I’ve been meaning to add these for some time, but had been putting it off until a very good priest and great friend of the forum pushed me along.

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2 comments on “The Malachi Martin files have been added

  1. Way to go. It’s an excellent expose. Thanks for restoring it.

  2. For whatever reason, this topic has arisen, again, on another Trad website.

    There really is a deep, deep chasm between Trads about this character. MM seems to have his own cult and I am stunned at some of its members’ devotion.

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