Somewhere, Lenin is Guffawing

It’s been pretty slow around here, today. So, here’s an oldie but a goodie to make EVERYBODY’S blood boil…..

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3 comments on “Somewhere, Lenin is Guffawing

  1. Thanks for boil. Someone I’m pulling toward tradition recently asked me if I’ve read Weigel. It took almost everything out of me, but I held my tongue.

  2. we should pray for weigel – above on or below the earth, to deny the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords invites a denial from the King at the last…will making political and worldy reason an idol sound ‘clean’ on that day?

    whatev’ – peeps-sheeps who believe with their hearts and thereby see belialism in NO abuses are dismissed from the mess, maybe forev’.

    “Nowadsys it seems as if there are two different kinds of human being in the Church; they can no longer communicate with each other, and could not even if there were good will on both sides. Communication depends by no means only on good will; it depends also on a common language. We have lost this common language: on the one hand, we have a woman who wants to pray the Rosary, and, on the other hand, we have a priest who advises her to do “something sensible” instead. The two are no longer able to have a conversation, and this is not only the result of human sin, it is also the expression of a cultural development in the West that has produced the modern, non-religious, rationalistic, metaphysically blind human being.”

    Martin Mosebach, “The Heresy Of Formlessness”. Ignatius Press. Kindle Edition.

  3. Ironically, during the Fremmasonic Uprising of 1776, even the colonial forces has among their war cries, “No king but Jesus.”

    Obviously, Herr Weigel would have been seen back then as a hireling Hessian.

    I actually thought about titling this thread, “The Boob and Ray Show”, but that might have appeared to be “too mean” to both those of a more delicate conciliar constitution, as well as two of my all time favorite comics. So, with my usual circumspect, tender reserve, I banished the thought altogether.

    Anyway, here’s an antidote for the EEEEWWWW! TN clip….

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