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Did the press photos of Cardinal Dolan laughing and joking with Barack Obama at the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner, held in New York on 18 October, tip the crucial Catholic vote in favour of Obama on 7 November? It is a question that should haunt His Eminence for the rest of his life. But since he will not give it a second thought it is necessary to restate the enormity of his betrayal, as explained by Dr Claude Newbury in the Open Letter previously posted here. This further powerful appeal to the Cardinal to withdraw Obama’s dinner invitation was sent to the Wall Street Journal by former California Congressman ROBERT DORNAN, under the heading: “Cardinal Dolan – it’s not too late!” The WSJ declined to print it as an Op-Ed. It was then amended and sent directly to Cardinal Dolan on 16 October. Subsequently, it was widely distributed to scores of major media, Vatican sites, offices of the New York Archdiocese, etc. Congressman Dornan received no response.

When Adolph Hitler made a celebratory visit to Rome in May, 1938, Pope Pius XI closed all of the Vatican sites, including the museums, and departed from Rome to Castel Gondolfo. The Pope did not want to give any appearance of acceptance to rising star Hitler, and in fact, wanted to convey his contempt for one to whom he referred as the “Nordic Pest”.

On Palm Sunday, March 21, 1937, the encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge (With Burning Concern) by Pope Pius XI was read from the pulpit in all Catholic Churches in Germany. It said that the racist, extreme nationalist, and totalitarian ideas of Hitler were in opposition to the Catholic faith. This public letter let the world, and especially German Catholics, know clearly that the Catholic Church adamantly opposed the doctrines and policies of Nazism.

I have seen photos of infants who have been killed by abortionists. I have also personally attended a funeral for more than 16,000 abortion victims who were at least given dignified burial in Los Angeles. I saw photographs of some of these babies taken at a forensic autopsy which showed their dismembered bodies. So savage, so inhumane! Inarguably gruesome! Major news sources refuse to show photos of these victims. If the mangled, decapitated bodies could be shown, there would be enormous public outcry and a demand to stop abortion.

I am weary of the cover-up, the euphemistic clichés that obfuscate the reality of what is instantly seen in a photo. President Obama and the abortion lobby refer to these killings of human beings as “choice” or “reproductive freedom” and demand that all taxpayers must participate in paying for these killings as an essential part of “Obama Care” (repeated in the Party Platform Plank from hell).

When the Philadelphia District Attorney, Seth Williams, saw photos of abortion victims killed by the butcher abortionist Kermit Gosnell, he rightly ignored the euphemisms and said that the abortion site was a “House of Horrors”.

Now comes Barack Obama, a radical and relentless champion of the American Holocaust, the legalized slaughter of millions of preborn human beings, and he is both invited and welcomed to participate in a Catholic event, the Al Smith Dinner Gala, on Thursday, October 18, hosted by New York Catholic Cardinal, Timothy Dolan, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

I, like many Catholics, am in shock and near-disbelief that Cardinal Dolan would welcome Obama. I am certain that all people of goodwill, Catholic or not, who fight for the right to life, are as outraged as I am.

Can Catholics, especially Catholic bishops, simply overlook Obama’s horrific record of promoting the unthinkable brutality of what is essentially mass infanticide, of both born and preborn, and engage in jolly cordiality and conviviality over wine and an elegant dinner — and make the 2012 Al Smith charity dinner a Masquerade of Horror?

Just one wire-service photograph or network television news clip of a grinning President Obama standing with the genial President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops – the Shepherds of American Catholics — could tip a close election towards four more years of promoting an American Holocaust.

The Catholic answer is, “No, No, and Never Again!!!”

Unless, of course, Obama repents publicly and announces major decisions to protect and restore the right to life.

Not a chance!

Obama has always been a poster man and stooge for the abortion industry, pledging at Planned Parenthood dinners his undying support for abortion on demand and paid for by all taxpayers, doing political ads (now flooding TV screens in election battle-ground states), and providing presidential leadership for abortion legislation and “pro-choice” judicial appointments (always with a peculiar enthusiasm).

Nothing stands out more clearly than Obama opposing legislation to protect babies who survive abortions (they are only “temporarily” alive, Obama chillingly argued in the Illinois Senate, maintaining that the killing should proceed), or opposing bans on Partial Birth Abortions, a form of infanticide using scissors and a vacuum curette to suck out the brains and collapse the skull of a partially delivered baby.

How can the man sleep at night with this on his conscience—the blood of millions of innocent preborn infants?

There is no excuse, however pleasantly made by Cardinal Dolan, that can explain why a man such as Obama who infamously promotes an “intrinsic moral evil”, is made a guest of honor for a quintessential Catholic charitable event.

It is not too late, Cardinal Dolan! You will either be pictured and written into the history books as one who helped adulate Obama the Featured Abortion Champion Guest, or as a modern-day Pope Pius XI, who comprehended the atrocities and determined to tell Obama that the incredibly scandalous invitation was withdrawn.

Your Eminence, you have a choice: Be remembered as a faithful, stalwart moral leader who rejected the personification of evil, or be remembered as one who scandalized the Faithful by welcoming Barack Obama, the current World Champion of the Culture of Death, who is now a candidate to be re-elected President of the United States on November 6, only 19 days after the Al Smith dinner.

So, Prince of the Church, do whatever it takes today.

A good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep and does not invite the smiling wolf to feed on his flock.

Write a letter or make a phone call or send an email, and tell President Obama that the invitation to the Al Smith dinner was a terrible mistake and is withdrawn.

If for some reason you lack the power or will to cancel the scandalous invitation to Candidate and President Obama, then at least like Pius XI, viriliter agite (I Cor, 16:13) be a man, and refuse to attend and participate in a Masquerade of Horror.

The Lord of History is watching!

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