Italy Priest Tells Flock He’s About to be a Father

Source: AFP [See original source in italian: La Repubblica]

A Sicilian priest stunned his congregation by announcing during a mass that he would soon be a father and was quitting to marry his partner, Italian media reported Friday.

“It’s my last mass. I am in love with a woman and in a few months I will be a father,” Vito Lombardo, 33, told his flock in the city of Trapani in northwestern Sicily, local newspapers said.

The relationship had been going on for a while, but the priest waited until his partner was five months pregnant before announcing his departure, the reports said.

According to the Giornale di Sicilia daily, Lombardo tipped off the Vatican about his decision to marry before announcing it to his parishioners.

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4 comments on “Italy Priest Tells Flock He’s About to be a Father

  1. “He said he wants to stay in the church and continue to live values ​​he has always believed.”

    Nowadays, should be no problemo. Maybe he’ll be a permanent deacon.

    • ‘a permanent deacon’ – he could convert to the orthodox and be a parish priest but what’s the legacy of his ordination?

      was his headlines a confession? an instant newsletter? or a printable explitive against the flock and other fathers?

      exactly how concerned are bishops with their sons, given that there’s fewer and fewer sons for bishops to be concerned with?

      in the middle ages no one would be shocked, but then the medieval Catholic wasn’t living in environs where the apostasy of one priest might mean the disintegration of a long standing historic Christian bequest/community.

  2. The article implies that he made his announcement during Mass. I hope it was afterwards, and not during the homily. Can you imagine someone having the stones to continue with the Offertory after dropping that bombshell?

  3. Sure. Who’s in the pews but octogenarian deaf ladies?

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