Recently I posted that I included HH Benedict XVI among a contingent of heretics.

Of course, as they say, that “call” is way above my pay grade. And, to my regret, some folks here know me well enough to know that that hasn’t stopped me from popping off in the past with little or no provocation about other “news” and “views” incitements coming from Rome and this pontificate.

I think it important that Catholics defend the Perennial Magisterium and reject the Hermeneutic of Continuity neologism as a progressivist device.

I am also aware that the Holy Father is convinced of the term’s practical authenticity.

I do not agree with that. And that is all I may legitimately say as a concerned Catholic.

As I’ve stated here before, I harbor nothing but personal affection for Pope Benedict as a pious, scholarly and very gentlemanly successor of St. Peter. I am quite sure I am in complete communion with Him and the Church on all defined matters of faith and morals. And, I do pray for Him daily.

So, my apology to His Holiness and anyone unfortunate to have come across my comment. I retract it with embarassment for my hubris and lack of reflection before exceeding the due limits of discretion concerning characterization of a consecrated soul.


Patrick M.


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7 comments on “Apologia

  1. ditto: lack of reflection before exceeding the due limits of discretion concerning characterization of a consecrated soul

    my lack of reflection:

    My Parish:

    Never incense

    Never Latin

    Have been some prayers in indigenous people’s language, none of whom were at Mass, and of those at Mass, no one understood

    A projector screen rolled down in front of the statue of the Sacred Heart so that four or five time before the final, Thanks be to God, people can see the words to songs of which every note can be missed to the miserable romper room playschool jingles

    At the sign of peace the priest leaves the ‘table’ – i’ve tried but not even my imagination can pretend the rectangle with the doily on it is an altar – and shakes the unconsecrated mitts of the pew warmers in the front row

    priest then returns to the ‘sanctuary’ to take up Our Lord

    gender neutral minsters, usually in jeans and windbreakers, distribute into the filing mitts of the congregation the Bread of Life

    homilies – depressing – they always start in the world and end in the world, nary a mention of heaven – save for the one time we were informed that the kingdom of heaven can be found in a rubbish dump – meanwhile Our Lord listened on in the tabernacle

    also mentioned in homilies – examples of Christian virtue – Gandhi in all his sleeping with his neices glory; dalalama – in all his ‘i need a brand new throne built for me everytime i sit down’ christian humility

    honorable mentions in newsletter – Ayn Rand – think that was the same week pro-lifers were mentioned

    diocese excited about the ecumenical possibilities of selling an old catholic school to a qatar funded ‘charity’ to create the island’s first islamic institute

    if the church has a monstrance it’s mighty good at hiding
    the holy water is usually like some old vege broth

    summation: I sometimes believe that the clergy are aiming for the spiritual death of the flock, and their version of the Mass is one long ‘do not resucitate’.

  2. Yet again you’ve gone up several steps in my estimation.

    God willing one day we’ll meet and share a meal and few good drinks!!! If not in this life, then I pray the next!

    God Bless and keep up the good fight!!!

  3. i’m out for lunch soon, i’ll tip a pinot noir to your health

    God Bless

  4. Dignum et justum est. All of us wrestle with this. It is hard to defend the faith of His Holiness, but we are assured by Our Lord’s prayer for St. Peter that his faith will not fail. It’s good to reflect before posting because there are many who stop by to read, e.g., this lurker for 8+ years.

    • Cyprian inscribeth: “It is hard to defend the faith of His Holiness…”

      True, that; wthin all due reservations, circumspections. allowances, deferrals, etc.

      One suspects it is equally difficult to actually defend the Faith TO – well, certain Vatican residents, as well.

      Anyone else here, after pondering the latest newsflash or tweet from the Eternal City, ever experience sympatico for Jack Benny’s encounters with the unfathomable? We are for the worse in our day. To whom shall we yelp? We have no “Rochester”!

  5. Patrick, it’s up to the Church Militant (that’s us) to speak the truth about the goings-on in our beloved Church ’cause if we don’t, who will? Surely not the Modernists for they are imbued with the spirit of “of it feels right, it must be right” and other such non sequiturs. Be at peace, my friend, for we are fighting the good fight and our cause is Just.

  6. I am indeed humbled and blessed to be in company with you fine members of this forum. Patrick, thank you for your gentlemanly, and thoroughly Catholic, example. Each of you are in my poor prayers, and please pray for me.

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