Those Were The Days, My Friend

All the brickabrack over Kriegsmarine Kommandant Mueller, Pabst Ratzinger, etc. on nearby posts brought to mind just how intensely cruel, vicious and anti-Cathoilic were the early days of the Revolution in the mid-1960s.

Much of what gets written of it tends to gauze over the near-violent atmosphere of the time, portraying events back then through a pinkish lens which portraying pewdwellers as merely slipping into a comatose state while radicals did their dirty work behind the scenes. Yes, that was the case in areas where known resistance to modernizing crapola was high. But it was not so everywhere.

If you recall any reports or personal experiences of the atmosphere that overwhelmed American Catholic churches in the Revolution, turning them from pious refuges into madhouses, here’s your chance to remind us all of what it REALLY was like.

The point of this inquiry is to underscore the CURRENT intensely cruel, vicious and anti-Catholic character of the ModCats still in charge of the Church, 50 years on.

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2 comments on “Those Were The Days, My Friend

  1. Hi Gpm,

    My memory is still quite sharp on some of the events that I personally experienced, but they were nothing compared to what my Step-Father, and his sister who was a Religious experienced and others experienced.

    The tales included (enumerated as much for my memory as that of others):
    1. Rooms of Statues being broken with a sledge hammer in order to provide an excuse for their replacement.
    2. Statues being dropped into the Atlantic for the same reason
    3. What I would label as desecration of Sanctuaries being ‘wreckovated’. My step-father and a close friend saved two communion rails, statues, books, missals, libers, altar stones, and various other sacred articles.
    4. My step-aunt (the Sister) smuggled out a complete correspondence Catechism series that she was running and set it up in a small building that the ‘Traddies’ had acquired.
    5. The list goes on … but it is good to remember.

    Thank you for reminding me of these events.

    The statements by ++Mueller bring me back to the heady days of the 1984 indult where the Faithful attached to the Tridentine Mass and supporters of the SSPX were labelled as a ‘problem’ that needed to be solved.

    Frankly, I’m pleased that ++Mueller pulled back the facade a little and has taken this shot. Every move by an adversary makes reveals his intentions.

    • Yep, that’s the material I’m looking for. There are any number of readers on AQ who may have grown up during the Santo Subito era and would benefit from a reminder of what snarling dogs the still extant liberal wreckovators, ecumenistas and liturgical abortionists really are.

      And, of course, their favorite kennel is in Roma, sunny Roma, where life is beautiful all the time and those nice young men in their long white coats are coming to take us away!

      Seriously, though, it is critical to always keep in mind the diabolical nature of a vast array of initiatives, sophistries and mind-numbing agitprop launched from Rome and the idiotic “national bishops’ conferences” over the past 50 years.

      We are witnesses to a massive apostasy, a fulfillment of the Alta Vendita threats and the single most influential ( and catastrophic ) hijacking by pirates in the history of the world.

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