Where is the continuity of the Council?

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Where is the continuity
of the Council?

At Assisi? Kissing the Koran?

Bishop Fellay’s Paris sermon

Bishop Bernard Fellay, SSPX

On November 11, 2012, Bishop Bernard Fellay celebrated Mass in the Church of St. Nicolas du Chardonnet in Paris. During a strong, clear sermon, he reviewed these “last few months of sufferings, troubles and anguish in our Society”, declared that we were “at the same point as Archbishop Lefebvre in 1974” and asked “where Rome saw continuity in the Second Vatican Council? In Assisi? In the kissing of the Koran? Where? What lessons should we learn from these internal sufferings and the Roman contradictions?”


I would like to address very, very briefly the last few months, which have caused quite a lot of sufferings, so as to derive several lessons from them; and also in order to be able to find our way again, if necessary. You know that these troubled times—I am speaking of course about our relations with Rome, and about what led to reactions in our Society, and one of their painful consequences, the loss of one of our bishops—are not inconsequential! I am anxious to explain and to confirm here that the problem of our relations with Rome is not the cause of that departure. It was the occasion for it, the result of a problem that has existed for a much, much longer time. A problem of internal discipline within the Society, which finally manifested itself in a sort of open rebellion against authority, under a false pretext, let us say.


We have reached an impasse, but we will continue our fight.

My dear brethren, this is the situation. And this is why it is obvious that since June—we announced it at the ordination ceremony—matters are at a standstill [bloquées]. It is a return to ground zero. We are at exactly the same point as Archbishop Lefebvre in the years 1975, 1974. And yet, we continue our fight. We do not abandon the idea of winning the Church back some time, of conquering the Church again for Tradition. Tradition is HER treasure, the Church’s treasure. Well, then, we will continue, while waiting for the happy day… it will come, but when? We know nothing about it. Certainly we will see. That is the Good Lord’s secret. The day will come when the cockle [weeds] will be uprooted, this evil that makes the Church suffer. The crisis that we are going through is probably the most horrible that the Church has ever endured. A crisis in which we see bishops, cardinals even, who no longer lead souls to Heaven, who bless the roads to hell. Who no longer warn souls about the dangers that they encounter here on earth. Who no longer remember the goal of their existence… the goal is God, it is going to Heaven. And who forget that there are not thirty-six ways of going there. It is the path of repentance, the path of renunciation. Not everything is allowed. We have the Good Lord’s Commandments. And if someone does not want to observe them, he is preparing for hell. How many times do we hear these words from the lips of a bishop? How many bishops probably have never pronounced them? We know modern seminarians who arrived at the end of their seminary training and told us: “We never heard anyone say that at the seminary”! And yet this is the direct consequence of sin.

And even if He hides, if He intensifies the trial, it makes no difference: He is the absolute Master of all things. He is capable of saving us all in the current situation of the Church as well as in the best of times. And this mystery goes so far, my dear brethren, that this power, this force of sanctity, of sanctification, still dwells today in this Church that we see on earth. If we have faith, it is in this Church; if we receive the grace of Baptism down to the last of the Sacraments, it is within and through this Church. This Church which is not an idea, which is real, which is before us, which we call the Roman Catholic Church, the Church with her Pope, with her bishops, who can also have moments of weakness—I almost said “be weak”—that makes no difference: the Good Lord does not allow His Church to fall. But it is up to us not to let ourselves be troubled… since the Good Lord is helping us, all is well!


This council tried to harmonize itself with the world. It brought the world into the Church, and so now we have disaster. And all these reforms that were made on the basis of the council, were made by the authorities for this purpose. Today, they talk to us about continuity, but where is it? In Assisi? In the kissing of the Koran? In the suppression of the Catholic States? Where is that continuity? And therefore we continue quite simply, quite simply, my dear brethren, without changing anything, until the moment when the Good Lord is willing, as He does… That does not mean that we must remain inactive, of course, every day it is necessary… we have this duty to win souls. And we know very well that THE solution will come from the Good Lord and we can even say THROUGH the Blessed Virgin. We can say this, it is something quite obvious in our times, indicated by these beautiful, magnificent apparitions, Our Lady of La Salette, Our Lady of Fatima, which herald this painful, terrible era. Rome will become the seat of the Antichrist, Rome will lose the faith… that is what was said at La Salette. The Church will be eclipsed. These are not trivial sayings. One truly has the impression that this is what we are experiencing now.

…You see, this is the problem that we have with Rome in our discussions. We tell them: there is a problem and this problem manifestly comes from the council and its aftermath. And they reply:

That is impossible. No, there are no problems. There cannot be any problems because the Church possesses the assistance of the Holy Ghost. Therefore the Church can never do anything bad. It is not possible. And therefore the council must be good. By necessity. And therefore what you say has no validity. There is some abuse here or there, but that does not matter. The New Mass? That was made by the Church. The Church is aided. It is necessarily good, and you do not have the right to say that it is bad.

That is what we are confronted with. And we answer:

We accept the faith down to the smallest iota, including faith in the Church and in her privileges and in the assistance of the Holy Ghost. However, we accept the reality, which is quite true also. We are far from denying the reality. And we know very well that there is no contradiction between these two things. There will surely be an explanation someday even though today there is not.

We must not panic. It is terrifying, yes, and so we must take refuge all the more in the Blessed Virgin, close to Her Immaculate Heart. This is the message of Fatima: God wants to give to the world this devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This was not in vain!

Let us ask in all our prayers, at every Mass, this grace of fidelity, so as not to let go of anything, whatever the cost. And that the Good Lord may protect and guide us to Heaven.


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