Reparation for Sins

Father Zuhlsdorf

Connected to confession of sins, which I am constantly pounding away at here (now Card. Dolan has also stressed at the Synod of Bishops and the need reviving the Sacrament of Penance) is reparation for sins.Together with recognition of our sins, and confession of our sins, is also reparation for our sins.  They are inseparable.We confess our own sins (not someone else’s) but we can – in charity – do reparation for the sins of others along with our own.As a matter of fact, we must do reparation for the sins of others.And so I present a mighty encyclical of Pope Pius XI (+1939) called Miserentissimus Redemptor.  It focuses on devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but drills deeply into the pressing need for all Catholics to perform acts of reparation and expiation for the sins the whole human race offers constantly to God.I think you will find, as I did, Pius’s description of the decadent times in which he issued this great plea for devotion and reparation, to be strikingly like our own, especially in the matters of attacks on the Catholic Church and the erosion of morals and religious liberty.Let us not think that the words of Popes are not valuable just because they were uttered decades ago.  Time and time again, Popes are found to be prophetic and right.  Their voices don’t fade like echoes, they get stronger once we have tuned our ears to hear them again.

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