SSPX – Rome: Fellay says, “we are back to the 1974-1975 situation”

SSPX – Rome: Fellay says, “we are back to the 1974-1975 situation”


The main portion of the sermon delivered yesterday, November 11, by the Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX), Bp. Bernard Fellay, in the main church of the SSPX in France (Saint-Nicolas du Chardo was when, after repeating hiw view of what happened in the past few months in his dealings with the Holy See, including personally with the Pope himself (as he had done in Écône on November 1), he said the following:

That is, my dear brethren, the situation. And that is why it is clear that, since the month of June – we had announced it at the ordinations -, things are stuck. It is a return to the beginning. We are exactly at the same point that Abp. Lefebvre was in the years 1975, 1974. And, therefore, we continue our struggle. We do not abandon the idea of one day regaining the Church, reconquering the Church for Tradition. Tradition is HER treasure, the Church’s treasure. And, well, we continue, expecting the happy day… [sic] it will come, [but] when? We know nothing of it. We will see. It is a secret of the Good God. It will come the day when the chaff is extirpated [note: this is a reference to the Sunday’s Gospel of the wheat and tares], this evil that makes the Church suffer. It is probably the most astonishing crisis that the Church has ever suffered, the one we are living.

[Source: La Porte Latine, in French]

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3 comments on “SSPX – Rome: Fellay says, “we are back to the 1974-1975 situation”

  1. chris torey on said:


    Does this mean that the recent request by the SSPX to the CDF in Rome for more time to consider the talks, and the CDF has given “more time but can’t wait forever’ has been recalled?

    • In Bp. Fellay’s recent semon titled “Where do we stand in Rome?” he says the following:

      “I had sent to Rome the documents of the General Chapter, our final Declaration which is clear, and our conditions for eventually, when the time comes, reaching an agreement about a possible canonical recognition. These are conditions without which it is impossible [for the Society] to live; that would quite simply be self-destruction. For to accept everything that is being done today in the Church is to destroy ourselves. It is to abandon all the treasures of Tradition.”

      And again:

      “And last Saturday, a new declaration from the Ecclesia Dei says: “No, we must allow them some time; it is understandable that after thirty years of debate they should need a certain amount of time; we do see that they have an ardent desire to be reconciled.” I have the impression that they have it more than we do. And we wonder: what is happening?”

      Am I wrong in understanding that Bp. Fellay has not really asked for “more time” but that this statement of Ecclesia Dei is simply an attempt to keep the door of communications open? It actually appears (and Bp. Fellay’s statements seem to support this) that Rome was somewhat shocked by what came out of the General Chapter this summer and they weren’t sure how to respond. would it be condemnations or more political diplomatic talk. It seems that they’ve settled for diplomacy. “Well, we cant really give you all that, but don’t go away just yet, ’cause we’d really like to keep having these little chats.” Or something like that. As Bp. Fellay points out, it seems that the authorities in Rome want a reconciliation more than anyone in the SSPX does.

      Really, we have all the time in the world, and can simply continue doing what we have done until Rome decides to grant us the conditions which the General Chapter laid out. It is modern Rome and the world which are running out of time.

  2. Read what the Bishop says. We are in the same situation as almost 40 years ago. Dare I say we remain insulated from protestantization and modernism which is the rule for what passes as authority in the mainstream Church?

    Pray for Bishop Fellay. Persevere.

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