Martyrology-November 12th
Roman Martyrology-November 12th-on this date in various years-

The Feast of St. Martin I, pope and martyr, whose birthday is mentioned on
the 16th day of September.

At Witebsk in Poland, the martyrdom of St. Josaphat, of the Order of St.
Basil, a Polish archbishop and martyr, who was cruelly slain by schismatics
through hatred of Catholic unity and truth. He was canonized by Pope Pius IX,
and his feast is observed on the 16th of November.

At Alcala in Spain, the birthday of St. Didacus, confessor, a member of the
Order of Friars Minor well known for his humility. Pope Sixtus V included
him in the catalogue of the saints and his feast is celebrated on the day

In Asia, the martyrdom of the holy bishops Aurelius and Publius.

At Eschen in Belgium, St. Livinus, bishop and martyr. After converting
many to the faith he was slain by heathens. His body, however, was afterwards
translated to Ghent.

At Gnesen in Poland, the holy hermits and martyrs Benedict, John, Matthew,
Isaac, and Christian. They were savagely attacked by robbers and slain by
the sword while there were at prayer.

In the neighbourhood of Sens, St. Paternus, monk and martyr. He had met
some robbers in a nearby forest, and for attempting to persuade them to amend
their lives, they slew him.

At Avignon, St. Rufus, the first bishop of that city.

At Cologne, the death of St. Cunibert, bishop.

At Tarazona in Aragon, blessed Emilian, a priest favoured with many
miracles. His admirable life was recorded by St. Braulio, bishop of Saragossa.

At Constantinople, St. Nilus, abbot, who resigned as prefect of the city to
become a monk, and during the reign of Theodosius the Younger became
distinguished for his learning and sanctity.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and
holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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