What does not correspond to the truth…

. . . and to the moral standards has, objectively, no right to exist, to be taught, or to be done.”

Ci Riesce
Allocution Delivered by Pope Pius XII on Dec. 6, 1953

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2 comments on “What does not correspond to the truth…

  1. Michael is dead on the bulls eye. The begining of the end was V2 and the One, True Church making its “peace” with the world and error. America and the world will reap what it has sown as will the post conciliar Church….it is OVER. Time to hunker down for potential martyrdom. “Religious Liberty” is a PAPALLY condemned heresy and yet most of the “mainstream” Church openly embraces it. It is even prayed for in front of Christ Himself after Masses in leiu of the Leonine prayers in some locations. The US bishops need to become Catholic once again and stick with what is tried and true and drop the americanism and novelty. Leo XIII already had True religious liberty taken care of in his prayers to be said after Mass……” O God. our refuge and our strength, look down in mercy on Thy people who cry to Thee; and by the intercession of the glorious and immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of St. Joseph her Spouse, of Thy blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and of all the Saints, in mercy and goodness hear our prayers for the CONVERSION OF SINNERS, and for THE LIBERTY AND EXALTATION OF OUR HOLY MOTHER THE CHURCH, Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.”

    No mention of “dialogue” or “ecumenism” there…just the conversion of sinners.

    No mention of “religious liberty” there….just for Holy Mother the Church….NOT protestants, jews, muslims, etc., etc., etc.

    We need to be TRUE Catholics 1st and Americans a DISTANT 2nd…..it is looking as if we will not have a choice shortly as America as any of us knew it is gone and her demise is sealed….not by Obama himself(or Romney or any other demoncrat or republicoward), but by a culture(which includes most “catholics”) that would elect him TWICE(or “W”) and believes everyone has a “right” to do or believe whatever they please.

    As Msgr. Schaedel once put in a bulliten years ago…”true freedom is the freedom to what we OUGHT, not what we want.”

    The american experiment has failed. Read “Liberty, the God That Failed” by Chris Ferrara.

    Fasten your seat belts, the chastisement cometh.

  2. Our Lady of Good Counsel


    O God, Who didst give us the Mother of Thy Beloved Son for Our Mother; and wert pleased by a wondrous apparition to glorify a beautious picutre of her: grant, we beseech Thee, that ever hearkening her cousels, we may be enabled to live according to Thy Heart, and happily to reach our home in heaven. Through Christ our Lord.



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