Blood on Their Hands?

Blood on Their Hands?

During the last 4 years of the Obama administration there have been four and one-half million (4,500,000) murders of innocent lives both in and out of the womb presumably for the “crime” of not being wanted. Then, recently, four Americans serving their country in a foreign land were murdered after pleading with their leaders in Washington to help them. Their pleas fell on deaf ears. In a few days this administration will ask for four more years to continue their bloody persecution of the innocent as the American electorate proceeds to the polls on Election Day. Think of it. folks, four and one-half innocent lives snuffed out with nary a chance to breath free and four Americans left to die a miserable death without help in a foreign land.

There are many issues facing the electorate as both sides continue to hammer each other on the political stump but the overriding issue in my mind is the blood on the hands of those currently in power in Washington. It takes more than a bomber jacket and a few choice words to make a President. The current occupant of that position is not only a fraud but a miscreant who tries to take credit for what the military does out of their duty to serve their country. Those of us who have served the country in both military and civilian positions can spot a faker and a fraud in a heartbeat and are absolutely sick with what is going on in Washington these days. Let it be said clearly and without polemics: the current administration must be replaced. Remember the saying, folks,”The Lord helps those who help themselves.” Yes, prayer and sacrifice are necessary but your vote also is necessary.

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  1. 150,000 daily abortions worldwide. No wonder the world will end soon.

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