Bad sermons…

I just had to share this here. Today I experienced what I believe was the WORST sermon ever. I stopped at Our Lady of Victory Basilica this morning for All Saints Day. Through the past months I have sort of weeded out the hokey NO Masses and have found two or three churches with conservative celebrants for when I am unable to attend the Extraordinary form. Well, the celebrant today was a priest whom I did not recognize as a “regular” at OLV. The sermon went as follows.

Priest : The Bible tells us to all be saints to our friends and neighbors. Are we saints?
Congregation (hesitant) Yes/No/Huh
Priest : Let’s all be saints! (Priest gives two thumbs up a la “The Fonz”)
Congregation : General laughter and confusion

-End of Sermon-

I could not believe that this had actually just occurred. Even more surreal in a national shrine who’s founder is on his way to canonization.

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3 comments on “Bad sermons…

  1. null
    Technically, Fonzie could be a saint.
    First, he would have to be baptized. Then repent for making a pro-abortion film.
    And, also, stop taking Pinky Tuscadero up to Inspiration Point and his apartment
    above the Cunningham’s garage in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
    Or marry her and make an honest woman of her.

    The path to holiness is long and hard. But even Fonzie is not beneath the grace and providence of God. Richie, on the other hand…

  2. null
    Fonzie performing a corporal work of mercy at a Catholic hospital

  3. Perhaps Father had an early tee time at the golf course.

    That’s the most charitable thing I can think of.

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