Dumbing Down the Catholic Faithful

Dumbing Down the Catholic Faithful

Every day we are being led down the primrose path by those who are supposed to be our leaders in the Faith. The most recent example is the appointment of a man to the position of Prefect of the CDF who has previously written material casting doubt on the perpetual virginity of the Virgin Mary and, if that wasn’t enough, on the Eucharist itself.

Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the newly-appointed Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), in his 900-page work “Katholische Dogmatik. Für Studium und Praxis der Theologie” (Freiburg. 5th Edition, 2003), Müller denies the dogma of the Perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary claiming that the doctrine is “not so much concerned with specific physiological proprieties in the natural process of birth (such as the birth canal not having been opened, the hymen not being broken, or the absence of birth pangs), but with the healing and saving influence of the grace of the Savior on human nature.”

On the Real Presence of the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of the Lord in the transubstantiated Eucharistic species. In 2002, bishop Müller published the book “Die Messe – Quelle des christlichen Lebens” (St. Ulrich Verlag, Augsburg). In this book, he speaks of the Sacrament of the Altar and warns against using the terms “body and blood” in this context. These terms would cause “misunderstandings”, “when flesh and blood are considered to mean the physical and biological components of the human Jesus”. Neither is it simply the transfigured body of the resurrected Lord that is being designated.”

Bishop Müller continues: “In reality, the body and blood of Christ do not mean the material components of the human person of Jesus during his lifetime or in his transfigured corporality. Here, body and blood mean the presence of Christ in the signs of the medium of bread and wine.”

Is this heresy from the mind of the Prefect of the CDF? Is it heresy from the mind of the person who is to sit in judgment of the FSSPX in the ongoing passage of documents between the CDF and Rome – presumably including the holy father himself? Have we finally reached the point where the fox is guarding the hen-house? Is the holy father awake or is he sleeping? Are we being dumbed down evermore with every passing day? The answers, my friends, must come from your educated Catholic consciences, educated in the Faith before any of the recent changes by those with a modernist perspective.

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