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Washington Post: SSPX has solution to Vatican II debacle!



We reproduce below an article published on October 11, 2012 in the National section of The Washington Post that mentions the SSPX.

“The critique of the Second Vatican Council has been part of the continual struggle that Archbishop Lefebvre carried out against Modernism before, during and after the Council:
Continuing the Tradition of the Church is essential to our work. Practically that means working for the building up of the Church by the catechism, by the sacraments, by preaching, pure and simple…

And if through our prayers and our efforts we could manage to bring down the iron curtain which surrounds and confines us, to be not just a few thousand Traditionalists, let us say, who are faithful to Tradition, but many more, up to millions and millions of souls, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of priests who return to saying the traditional Mass, the Mass of All Time, well I think we are obliged in conscience to do everything in our power to bring this about… “(Archbishop Lefebvre in a conference to seminarians at Econe on May 3, 1979)

This is also the reason why the Superior General, Bishop Fellay, requested and obtained the holding of doctrinal discussions in Rome for two years. Some may be disappointed with the seemingly non-results of this SSPX-Rome theological commission and thus believe that holding these talks was a waste of time. However, it must be recalled that these meetings gave the Society the opportunity to bear witness to the Faith, and we must also view them in the light of providence as related here by Archbishop Lefebvre himself (continuing the quote from above):

“If we do not succeed, then we do not succeed! At least we will have done all we could. This is the only goal I have in mind through all the steps of my dealings with Rome. I have no other purpose than to be able to say in all truth, if only I could break down this iron curtain that locks us in, and work towards the salvation of millions of souls by opening up for them the springs of grace in the True Mass, in the true sacraments, in the true catechism, in the true Bible, well I think we will have not wasted our time!

…So I ask you to pray for this.”

We should also rejoice that the formerly impregnable wall of Vatican II is finally showing signs of cracking. Who would not recognize as The Washington Post’s article has, that the SSPX has already made some headway in helping to revert the crisis? This is why the SSPX’s General Chapter of 2012 has declared that no canonical recognition is possible without “the freedom to keep, transmit and teach the sacred doctrine of the constant Magisterium of the Church and of the unchangeable Truth of divine Tradition”.

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