Press release from the Fatima Network- E.U. intervention???!!

Press release from the Fatima Network- E.U. intervention???!!
by: Hark the Harold
From:The Fatima Network



October 24, 2012

Strasbourg, October 24, 2012 — On October 23, 2012 Father Nicholas Gruner of the Fatima Center in Canada and Catholic attorney and author Christopher A. Ferrara of the United States appeared at the headquarters of the EU in Strasbourg, France to speak in support of a motion for a declaration by the EU Parliament calling upon Pope Benedict XVI to carry out the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The motion is being sponsored by two members of the Parliament of the European Union, the Honorable Mario Borghezio and the Honorable Lorenzo Fontana, who invited Father Gruner and Mr. Ferrara to speak in its support at the time of its official introduction.

The motion refers to the threat of “great danger at the present time to world peace and the serenity of all European peoples” and notes that “the Blessed Virgin Mary has promised a long period of prosperity and peace, if and only if, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia in a solemn and public manner, as precisely specified by Her in the Message of Fatima.”

The motion provides for a declaration by the EU Parliament formally requesting that “His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI… fulfill the will of the Queen of Heaven” by performing the Consecration in order to address European and world problems.

Speaking before the international press corps in the press hall of the EU Parliament headquarters in Strasbourg, Father Gruner and Mr. Ferrara made presentations in support of the measure, including a discussion of the content, undeniable authenticity, and absolute urgency of the Fatima Message for the Church and humanity at large. They were introduced by MPs, Borghezio and Fontana, who appeared with them at the press conference.

“This was a God-given opportunity to advance the cause of Our Lady of Fatima in a forum whose deliberations will have considerable impact at the Vatican. MEPs. Borghezio and Fontana are to be commended for their courageous defense of the Blessed Virgin before a hostile world. I pray the motion passes and the EU Parliament calls upon the Pope to do his duty,” said Father Gruner.

“I believe we succeeded in making a case for the Consecration of Russia that would appeal even to rational non-believers, who have nothing to lose by voting in favor this measure,” said Mr. Ferrara.

The motion has been lodged with the EU Parliament as an official legislative document and will become part of the public record of EU proceedings. It has already attracted the signatures of a growing number of additional sponsors in the Parliament, including members from Italy, Austria and Ireland.

Press inquiries should be directed to:

Europe: Monica Tomassini, The Fatima Center, 011 39 06 39 73 5296, Rome

North America: Joseph Paonessa, The Fatima Center, 905 871-7607, Canada

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7 comments on “Press release from the Fatima Network- E.U. intervention???!!

  1. I love Father Grunner’s perseverance!!

    • Me to Salus!
      Pretty savvy move on their part,
      Though I doubt the pope will allow this to sway him,
      the very public display of the logic that the consecration
      hasn’t taken place, can only help to dissuade the repeated disinformation
      that has so many believing it’s already has.

  2. I’m sure the Vatican keeps an eye on world political events, especially when they affect the Vatican state, and definately when they regard the Pope himself. Pope Benedict XVI knows that the consecration hasn’t been done as required. This act by some members of the EU will send an unmistakable message of support to the Holy Father and will demonstrate to the world that the Consecration of Russia is not just something for “extremist traditional sects.” After all, members of the Parliament of the European Union support it :) May God grant that fruit may result from this courageous act.

  3. I see only three problems with this:

    1. Even with Austria, Ireland, and Italy, the EU as a whole is an aggressively anti-Christian organization; I just don’t see them passing this resolution. Anti-Christian bigotry aside, these are by and large a bunch of cowardly politicians who would not likely be willing to annoy the Russians over something they regard as a meaningless bit of symbolism.

    2. Even if the Austrians, Irish and Italians could somehow get the French, Germans, Scandinavians, etc. to humor them with this “meaningless bit of symbolism”, I don’t think that the EU is capable of swaying the Pope on this. A few rabbis, maybe, but not the EU…

    3. Finally, even if the EU would pass this and then enlist the aid of Abe Foxman to approach him on this, Pope Benedict simply will not do it. Why? Because it would mean admitting that the Official Vatican Party Line on this topic has for decades been a string of lies. Just as he can’t admit any mistakes in the Modernist hijacking of Vatican II, he will not be convinced to even tacitly admit that JPII the Super Most Awesomest Ever fudged the job — among other reasons, it may slow down his mad rush to push through Santo Subito, and he simply won’t have that, as it also serves as a proxy for canonizing Vatican II, which is, after all, where his prime loyalty lies.

    Other than that, though, it sounds like a nice idea.

    • As per usual, there’s little else to say after Glornt has summed it up. It IS a nice idea and, my only additional suggestion, it demonstrates that someone still cares about it enough to try something on this scale.

      There is one English Member of the EU Parliament, who’s name escapes me, who is more eloquent than the entire US Congress and the British House of Lords combined. Now if HE could be won over, the publicity he would generate in Europe for Fatima and the consecration – consideing that a remarkably gifted, secular Member endorses the proposal – might help increase its advocacy in Europe.

    • Glornt,

      Those are not really ‘problems’ with what Fr. Gruner has done. Fr. Gruner has taken the Fatima message to people who have likely never heard of it or given it much thought. It is amazing that he has gotten this far and one can only attribute this to his perserverance. Whether or not these people listen and comply with his request is another thing altogether. They probably won’t but the Fatima message will be in their minds none-the-less and you never know when it might click and start to make a difference in their lives. This also brings more publicity to the Fatima message so as to introduce others to it as well. These things are all positives.

      As for the Pope, should the EU grant the resolution, the Pope many not act at their request but they will certainly have his ear. In fact, I think it will get his attention just knowing that they gave Fr. Gruner this opportunity and they themselves listened to what he had to say.

  4. The conection is certainly striking. Just think, all of Europe (or most of it anyway) is now united under a “Marian” flag. The EU certainly has its faults, to say the least, but lets keep the flag, and maybe we could one day add the “M surmounted by a cross” to the midle of the “crown of twelve stars.”

    Life is interesting.

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