Martyrology-October 20th
Roman Martyrology-October 20th-on this date in various years-

St. John Cantius, priest and confessor, who fell asleep in the Lord
on the 24th of December.

At Abia, near Aquila in Abruzzo, the birthday of blessed Maximus,
deacon and martyr. Because of his desire to suffer he shewed himself
to the persecutors of his own accord. After answering with great
constancy, he was racked and tortured, then beaten with rods, and he
finally died by being cast headlong from a high place.

At Agen in France, St. Caprasius, martyr. He was hiding in a cavern
to avoid the violence of the persecution when the report of the
blessed virgin Faith’s courage in suffering for Christ roused him to
endure the torments. He prayed to God that, if he were deemed worthy
of the glory of martyrdom, clear water might flow from the rock of
his cave. God granted his prayer, and he went with confidence to the
scene of the trial, where, after a valiant struggle, he merited the
palm of martyrdom under Maximian.

At Antioch, St. Artemius, an imperial officer who had filled high
positions in the army under Constantine the Great. Julian the
Apostate, however, whom he rebuked for his cruelty towards
Christians, ordered him to be beaten with rods, subjected to other
torments, and finally beheaded.

At Constantinople, St. Andrew of Crete, a monk who had often been
scourged by Constantine Copronymus for his veneration of holy
images. After one of his feet had been cut off he rendered up his

At Cologne, the martyrdom of the holy virgins Martha and Saula, with
many others.

In Portugal, St. Irene, virgin and martyr. Her body was honourably
buried in the town of Scalabris. Since that time the town has been
named Santarem, which is derived from her name.

At Aussonce, in the diocese of Rheims, St. Sindulphus, priest and

At Minden in Germany, the translation of St. Felician, bishop of
Foligno and martyr. From his holy relics a portion was placed in an
urn and brought to Germany from the city of Foligno in Umbria, where
he had died on the 24th of January.

At Paris, the translation of the holy martyrs George, a deacon, and
Aurelius from Cordova, a city of Spain, where they had died with
three companions on the 27th of July.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors,
and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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