anyone still contemplate another country?

Back when the website looked different, there was a discussion that went on for quite a while about people who were considering leaving the US.
I was wondering if any of those people ended up doing that or if anyone else has considered it?
Before, the countries being discussed were mainly in S.A.
Sometimes as we look at this country, it is hard not to ponder the idea. Especially to countries that ‘seem’ more Catholic. Our son has looked into Ecuador and Chili. He has a very young family and he cannot help but look into these options. ;-)
What do you all think and/or what have you discovered? Feasible? silly idea?Cowardly?

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17 comments on “anyone still contemplate another country?

  1. I have seriously contemplated moving to France, the country of my ancestors. I am fluent in French and could assist at St. Nicolas du Chardonnet. Only health issues are keeping me here at this point and if those could be resolved, I would seriously consider a move to France.

  2. I think the only safe place is Russia. It seems to be the only country vigorously defending traditional values, while every other country, including those in South America, slowly cave in to the dominant cultural marxist climate.

    I would say, almost, that Russia is now the leader of the free, civilized world.

  3. Russia certainly has not crossed our radar…interesting.

  4. My grandfather moved his family from the U.S. to Canada in ’73 due to the fact that Canada was, at the time, about ten years behind the States in terms of the Liberal movement (sex-ed and phys-ed in the public schools and the liberalising of the Church and the clergy, in particular).
    That was then. In the present, it could be argued that Canada has caught-up or even passed the U.S. in terms of its liberalization. Leastwise, you see and hear a lot more resistance to abortion, homosexuality, etc. south of the 49th parallel.

    “… In Portugal, the Dogma of the Faith will always be preserved, etc.” Our Lady of Fatima

    If you are going to ask this question, Portugal will have to be in the discussion. In Portugal, the Faith will always exist and be available, though you will still have to actively look for it, of course. It must be noted, however, that this does not eliminate the real possibility of persecution and of immense trials of the Church in this country. If a person were to move, even to Portugal, hoping to have it easier and with the intention of not needing to truly fight for his Faith and the Faith of his family, he would be sorely disappointed, and such an attitude would put his Faith in serious danger. Remember the old saying: “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

  5. Portugal has come up in our discussions here. And so has the grass is greener conversation.
    There is the church thing, but there is also the seeming attack on personal household economics, if that word makes sense, which at least appears at this point to be less invasive in some other places. I really do not think that one can know these things unless you went and visited any country on ‘your list’ to see what it is like…is that grass very tasty or is it a tad more bitter than what you are used to?
    In reality, I haven’t enjoyed visiting Canada much (about 70 miles away)…it always feels so ‘foreign”. Weird, huh?
    As we have learned more and more about our Catholic faith but living far from anyone who thinks about the faith as we do, being somewhere that at least has a feel of Catholicism in the air could be quite refreshing!

  6. I would never consider Portugal based upon a prophecy which the remaining half is unknown. It could be ‘ In Portugal the Dogma of the Faith will always be preserved IF…’ Portugal is going the way of the rest of the world from the information I gather and you’re no better off their than anywhere else.

    And Russia? Really? Might want to think about that…

    Best to stay where you’re at unless you’re openly persecuted and you’re life is on the line. Actually – that’s even better as you have a chance to be a martyr. Being the salt of the earth doesn’t mean you go into a salt shaker with all the other salt. It means standing for the faith amidst the pagan wherever life (and Divine Providence) finds you. Stand, be firm, be Catholic and live where you will. Just don’t go searching for Cath-Utopia; it’s not on this side of Heaven.

  7. Thank you Draught…good advice.

  8. The Republic of Texas, when it legally secedes from the United Socialist States of Obama. The SSPX already has several churches / chapels in the state.

    • I actually know some people who moved from the Utah wasteland (and headquarters of the Mormons) to Texas. They used to be our chapel coordinators and were very fine people. I was quite envious when they got out of Utah, and I wish them well. Who knows? I could consider Texas as well. Bonjour, y’all!

      • You’d be quite welcome. A very common bumper sticker is: “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could”.

        The very few Obama stickers I see are from 2008 and they look like attempts have been made to scrape them off.

  9. I like Texas. Not as much as Montana, but it is nice. Definitely beats MT in Latin Mass opportunities. :-) I do not really expect a secession though.

  10. If things turn out as I expect (and hope), a bloody civil war is coming and we need you all to stand with us.. Don’t abandon us

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