Rorate: the future of H.E. Bishop Richard Williamson, FSSPX


Open thread: the future of H.E. Bishop Richard Williamson, FSSPX

Dear readers, is it not strange that a couple of weeks ago the official website of the American District of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) published an article which was clearly and openly critical of one of its bishops, Richard Williamson? [Here is a link to the McCall article]

We think we know what this means. Yet, we want to know what you think it means. Keep it civil but opine now.

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12 comments on “Rorate: the future of H.E. Bishop Richard Williamson, FSSPX

  1. Exactly what views or teachings does Bishop Williamson hold that are outside the 2,000 year old Tradition of the church with a capital “T”? Same for the FSSPX. Aside for personal views on some subjects which are admittedly controversial, Bishop Williamson appears to be in communion with Tradition rather than in opposition to it. Can the same be said of certain prelates that are in high curial positions? How about the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the transubstantiation of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? It seems high officials in Rome are worrying about ants while the elephants are getting ready to march. Who is in charge here? Oh, I see, not to worry… it’s the new springtime don’t you know.

    • Exactly what views or teachings does Bishop Williamson hold that are outside the 2,000 year old Tradition of the church with a capital “T”?

      Two examples: His ecclesiology is flawed as he suggests (in Eleison Comments #268) that the decisions of the SSPX tribunal should not be reformable. His theology (as expressed in Eleison Comments #125-127) is flawed due to his deficient understanding of sacramental intention — in fact, were His Excellency correct about sacramental intention, that one is required to have the right “idea” about what the Church is, centuries of capital “T” Traditional theology would have to be overturned.

      Hope this helps. Accusations of anti-Semitism, Holocaust revisionism, adherence to weird conspiracy theories — correct or not — are red herrings. The real problems are his ecclesiology (of which the above is one example) and his theology.

  2. Charlotte NC Bill on said:

    traditio ran that story..This would almost be climactic after the SSPXSO formation and the South American priests telling Bp Fellay to stay away…Incredible that it’s come to this…All I know is this: 12 yrs ago the SSPX was like a family and now it’s totally different and it really is Bp fellay’s fault….His autocratic style…his punitive transfers…his network of snitches…he’s too much.

    • Well, IF true then that’s a “Roger that!”, Bill.

      Ain’t gonna repeat myself. Genug ist genug!

    • So are you Bill. God forgive you for your comments.

    • Bill,

      You are just plain wrong in your accussations of Bishop Fellay. It is one thing to express concerns to a superior, it is another to publically bad mouth him, oppose him, disrespect him, and remain completely disobedient to him. Anyone who does that will have to be punished. This is not new. A simple Google search will show that this has always been the case in the SSPX – since the time of ABL forward. The same accussations of “autocratic style” and “punitive punishments” have always been leveled at the SSPX long before Fellay became the General Superior. The “Nine” made these same accussations as did many others. These same accussations have also been leveled at Bishop Williamson as well from his time in charge the Seminary here in the US.

      I am no fan of Fr. Cekada, but at least he is honest enough to admit this is a moot point because, if true, it is nothing new but business as usual.

  3. ABL:

    “No doubt we suffered from the departure of some priests and seminarians. But, that is a little like the pilgrimage of Chartres, which this year split in two, into a traditional and a conservative pilgrimage. We may thank the good Lord for having allowed those who are not completely in agreement with us, who do not completely understand what we are fighting for, to leave us. In this way we are stronger and surer in our actions. Without that we would all the time be mixing with people criticizing us, who do not agree with us, within our own congregations, and that would cause division and disorder.”

    • Do not hope for that kind of utopia. Having been a faithful of the SSPX for over 30 years, I can tell you that there will never ever be a time, this side of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, where an entire congregation will agree on everything. Not even important things will be agreed upon. And having been a Roman Catholic for almost 60 years, I can tell you that it was no different before Vatican II. People are people and there will always be disagreements and those who do not grasp the teaching of the Church as well as others may.
      I’ve seen a lot of mudslinging on these forums regarding the discussions between SSPX and Rome and also about the difficulties of His Excellency Bishop Willamson, Frs. Chazal, Pfeiffer, Hewko etc… I don’t know Bishop Fellay personally but I know that Archbishop Lefebvre had confidence in him and thought him very pious and possibly saintly. As for HERW and the other priests who have left, I know virtually all of them and I know them to be pious, and perhaps even holy. Their actions, whether they are misguided or not, are no doubt what they consider necessary to defend the Faith and do what they truly believe God requires of them. I wonder how many of those who are calling His Excellency Bishop Fellay “Bernie” or crucifying Bishop Willamson and the S. O. priests even know them or all the “blood, sweat and tears” they have shed for the SSPX faithful over all these years. Our priests are often lonely, reviled, doing thankless work for thankless people, living in poor and even dangerous circumstances at times. And all of them almost without exception, have striven mightily for the survival of the SSPX, the Holy Mass, the continuation of the priesthood and our sanctification and theirs. We, who generally live as we please, go where we please, eat what we please, wear what we please, associate with people as we please, and shoot our mouths off as we please, should tread lightly on the reputations of these holy men, consecrated by God and sons of Our Lady.
      We need to be quiet and pray very hard for ALL of our traditional bishops and priests.

  4. Neely Ann said:

    You are just plain wrong in your accussations of Bishop Fellay. It is one thing to express concerns to a superior, it is another to publically bad mouth him, oppose him, disrespect him, and remain completely disobedient to him”

    The “rebels” are a small group within the Society but sound “big” because they, as a good priest said, are “posting” themselves all over the internet while the majority of Catholic faithful assisiting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass confected by the SSPX Priests in their Chapels and filling their schools, convents, seminaries, retreat houses, etc. are “posting” themselves in front of the Tabernacle and praying for our ++Pope, +Bishop Fellay and God’s will to be done for HIS Greater Glory and for the Good of the WHOLE Church!


    They have struck the sheep
    Just words they shout
    Fleecing the flock
    Confuse with fake doubt

    They have struck the sheep
    Wise owl hoots, “Who?”
    “The sky is falling!”
    Scream hysterical ewe

    And facing the flock
    They lure a pale wedge
    Eyes to eyes backing
    Nearing cliff’s edge

    But in the lower
    Pasture green –
    A Good Shepherd guards
    For each lamb a grace glean

    He stands, turns east –
    He leads, they follow –
    Toward thunder’s roll
    No time to wallow

    Like others before
    Crook and Mitred for attack –
    “Mine sheep know me”
    And we’ve got his back!

  5. chris torey on said:

    Hear, hear, McDee.

  6. I proposed exactly that awhile back and heartily endorse the notion, once again.

    Such a cast change would be no guarantee of “success” vis-a-vis the “conversion” of sunny Nova Roma, at best a romantic pipedream for now. However it would sear the distinction between the hijackers and the hostage rescue team in the public mind. The tiny segment of which even gives a ****, that is.

    Naturally , it will be one arctic day in the deepest recesses of the infernal pit before the Euroweenie-mollified accordista apparatchiks would ever permit such a bold stroke. Certainly not while clerical intimidation, forum psy-ops and media manipulation hold out such “promise” for their misbegotten aspirations.

    If and when His Lordship, the Right Honorable Richard, Bishop in Wimbledon does make it to the papal apartments, it will be on his own steam and not as part of any “traditionalist society” politically connected to, not to say modified and castrated as occasion demands by, the now-official see of Ecu-Modernism.

    Ultimately, the whole proposition is ridiculous on both sides. The Mods are what they are and poor ol’ Lord Wimbledon has SUCH huge baggage to haul around that before he could set foot on Italian soil the Krauts ( both Roman and Menzingen ), the Carabinieri and probably half the NGOs from the UN would have his flight diverted to Kamchatka.

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