John Salza to Discuss Freemasonry on Discovery Channel 10/14/12

From John Salza:

Dear Family and Friends:

I will be featured on The Discovery Channel this Sunday, October 14, at 9.00pm CST (10.00pm EST) on a show about secret societies, specifically to discuss my personal experiences in and exit from Freemasonry. This show will reveal in detail the secret rituals and teachings of the Lodge – something Freemasons do not want the public to know, especially Christians.

Please let others know who may be interested in this important topic.


John Salza

P.S. I gave a three hour interview for this show. I have not seen the edits and will not see the show until in runs. It is always a risk to record shows for secular programming because you do not have control of the editing process. Nevertheless, it is in God’s hands. Let’s pray the message will be conveyed as delivered.

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2 comments on “John Salza to Discuss Freemasonry on Discovery Channel 10/14/12

  1. Do you know whether it’ll be available online at some point, and viewable overseas?

    • Siena,

      I do not know but I certainly hope so since we do not have cable or satellite. The only way we will be able to watch it is if it is placed online. Maybe someone will record it and place on youtube if Discovery does not make it available online.

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