New Maria Valtorta Research Document Discusses SSPX Position on it

Douay-Rheims Bible Online has hosted a new e-book about Maria Valtorta’s The Poem of the Man-God which has an entire section on the SSPX position on the Poem.

I looked at it and found that it actually is very solid. Its description says:

A comprehensive and well-researched guide to everything a traditional Catholic needs to know about Maria Valtorta’s The Poem of the Man-God: its importance, its history, its ecclesiastical status, its status with the SSPX, the claims of proofs of its divine origin, and its critics and defenses

The e-book can be downloaded here:

Poem of the Man-God Research Document (PDF)

A video trailer which describes it is here:

Poem of the Man-God Research Document Trailer

To give you a taste of its level of depth and scholarship: it has 902 references/endnotes.

Here are some notable chapters in the e-book which you may want to check out:

Archbishop Lefebvre’s Words About the Poem of the Man-God

Fr. Ludovic-Marie Barrielle, FSSPX: His Approval of and Comments About the Poem of the Man-God

Opinions of non-SSPX Experts on the Poem of the Man-God and How It Relates to Tradition and Theological Soundness

The Position of the Popes, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (the Holy Office), and the Vatican Newspaper on the Poem of the Man-God

A Detailed Analysis of Maria Valtorta and Her Writings According to the Traditional 1912 Catholic Encyclopedia’s Thorough Criteria for Assessing Private Revelations

Timeline of Major Events of the Poem of the Man-God’s Ecclesiastical Approval

Analyzing Some Critic’s Arguments that it Encourages Sensationalism or Appeals Too Much to the Sensitivity

The Most Notable Critics and Critical Articles Against the Poem of the Man-God and Answers to Those Articles (Refutations)

How Maria Valtorta’s Revelations Are Being Proven By Science to a Degree Much Greater than Most (if Not All) Previous Mystics of the Church

Proof by Geography and Topography and Archaeology (Such as Her Mentioning in the Poem Over 350 Geographic Locations in the Holy Land, Including Nine Towns/Villages Not Discovered Archaeologically Until After Her Death, and at Least 62 Places Which Were Either Unknown at the Time of Her Writing or Known Only by a Few Specialized Archaeologists)

Proof by Astronomy (Such as Detailed Astronomic Observations in Her 1940’s Visions that a Purdue University Professor of Theoretical Physics Testified Are Perfectly Consistent with Her Dating System and that She Could Not Have Predicted or Verified Without a Computer)

Proof by its Knowledge, Depth, and Eminence in the Theological, Exegetical, Mystical, and Mariological Fields (Which Many World-Renowned Trustworthy Theologians Say Exceed Anything They Have Ever Read)

Letter from a Spiritual Daughter of Padre Pio’s Telling About His Verbal Command to Read Maria Valtorta’s Works

Interestingly, it gives evidence that modernists have been opposed to this work from the beginning, particularly in the chapter entitled “About the Anonymous Letter in the L’Osservatore Romano and a Thorough Analysis and Refutation of This Letter”.

What do you all think about it?

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9 comments on “New Maria Valtorta Research Document Discusses SSPX Position on it

  1. Enough said. It won’t be on my “to read” list.

  2. Oh, one more thing. I met and worked on some projects back in the 1990s with James Likoudis, a founder of CUF ( sadly, no longer what it began as ), and met his son, Paul who is a first rate, very hard working journalist.

    Neither are Traditionalists but both are meticulous researchers and, even though not in sympathy with folks like us on the Trad side of the aisle, they do marshall their facts.

    Paul’s arguments are entirely trustworthy.

  3. GPMTrad-

    Please explain to me why on earth Bishop Williamson, and a number of SSPX priests influenced by him, are in favor of Maria Valtorta? It just doesn’t make sense. My understanding is that ABL was not in favor of it, yet you have BW and a number of priests who insist it is good and OK.

    What do you make of it?

  4. Okey dokey, mon ami! If some good came out of it, terrific! But recall your metaphysics. Whatever benefit was derived was only accidental and not substantial.

    Anyway, I just have a thing about people makin’ it up on the fly when it comes to the lives of Our Lord and Our Lady. Kinda territorial on my part. And, once upon a time, most guys who punched a clock in the Vatican were like that, too. I suspect a few may yet be so.

  5. For the sake of presenting both sides, I just came across, and totally by accident, this article defending “The Poem of the Man-God”:
    As you will notice, it is on a traditional site which provides the Douay-Rheims Bible, and incidentally, it has a link to AngelQueen ;) . The author is also, apparently, a priest of the SSPX. Obviously these points are not an infallible guarantee of the truth of the article, but at least it’s not coming out of nowhere.
    Any thoughts?

  6. Zip. Nada. Zilcho.

    I’ve alway done a double take whenever any actually educated gentleman of the cloth endorses this crapola.

    There actually has been some documentation that bipolar disorders are on the rise, however.

    For me, when objective evidence, sifted and pondered at length by qualified professionals, constantly points to the same conclusion ( that Valtorta was a fraud, even if “unintentionally” – which is a stretch ) it just makes sense to abide by reason.

    Obviously, even among certain educated clerics, that falls through the cracks.

    Oh, and my guess is that the “link to AQ” is just window dressing. Even Pravda used to manage to publish a real fact, now and again, back in the day. And on that tiny point, many a fencesitter would fall prey to the commie’s agitprop: See, they really are “getting it”, aren’t they?

    Again, Fr. Pacwa’s comments, basic as they are, are all that’s necessary to define why no one should fall for Valtorta’s blatant lies about Our Lord and Our Lady. And, yet, how many well-intentioned “conservative” Bogus Ordoite priests and bishops have been sucked up into the Medjugoogoo hurricane?

    I believe you will recall the infallible Scriptures actually DO have something to say about the deception, were it possible, of the elect?


  7. De gustibus non disputandem.

  8. Will you at least agree to NOT like Russia’s “Catherine the Great”, another infamous madwoman?

    If so, we can chalk it up as a negotiated cease-fire and call it a day. : – )

  9. In 1947 Cardinal Bea went went behind Cardinal Ottaviani’s back to get Valtorta’s writings into the hands of Pope Pius XII. At that time Cardinal Ottaviani was the Head of the Holy Office and had every right to be informed about such writings. In any case, I would back the traditional Cardinal Ottaviani over the liberal Cardinal Bea any day.

    In a letter to Fr. Migliorini, who regarded her writings favourably, Valtorta wrote as

    ‘I do believe that Father Berti is finding something “new and without human
    reference”! I have no book that might be of help to me; I am absolutely ignorant of
    any writing revealed or made by men on the subject. You know that I have said to
    you: “Even if I had money or there was someone who gave me The Life of the
    Virgin… by Father [Gabriele] Roschini, I would not read it. I want to know only from
    God”. And thus do I say for any other writing of the kind. That the points [in The
    Poem…] are beautiful, exact and new, is natural! After all, it is the Author of the
    episodes Who narrates His own life, and there is no better and more exact biography than an Autobiography. Don’t you think?’

    Those words demonstrate a disposition of heart that is hardly in keeping with holiness and humility. Quite off-putting, in fact. No, sorry, not true food and true drink.

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