Anointing of the Sick

How can the NO use this in hospitals with very gravely sick patients in place of Extreme Unction?
What ever happened to the form and matter of the sacraments?

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One comment on “Anointing of the Sick

  1. Ex opere operato.

    I fervently hope so. The way it is now handled, and I speak from bitter experience, is satisfactory only from a Hollywood or protestant perspective. The Rite itself, at least from my experience, is long, long forgotten.

    Even finding an available priest in a “Catholic hospital” these days is near-miraculous in an emergency.

    However, and from more hopeful experience, a NO priest who in fact visits a dying soul and does what the Church now does may have in his mind as a firm intention to do what the Church has always prescribed ( even absent so much in the current form ), and – may it please God – absolution and the plenary indulgence attached to the Sacrament MAY yet be obtained by a suitably-disposed soul.

    Again, may it please God. Ex opere operato.

    As a very fine confessor put it to me, We can never be TOO sorry for our sins. The practice of frequent acts of contrition, seeking to attain PERFECT sorrow, is to be recommended, especially in the uncertainties of the present day.

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