Announcement about Frs. Chazal and Pfeiffer Sept. 9, 2012

Public Announcement about Fathers François Chazal and Joseph Pfeiffer


September 9, 2012

Dear Faithful,

It is with great sorrow that I make this announcement.

Fathers François Chazal and Joseph Pfeiffer, as of today, Sunday September 9th are no longer allowed to celebrate masses in any of our mass centers in the District of Asia. Father Chazal, after receiving the two normal canonical monitions and by coming back to Asia against a formal order of Bishop Fellay, signifies by this that he has now officially left the Society of St Pius X.

Father Joseph Pfeiffer has already received and ignored two canonical warnings and is about to be expelled. We can still however pray for a miracle to happen in order to prevent this.

The reasons

1. “The deal” They continue to claim with certainty that the Society of St Pius X is about to surrender to the modernist Rome: this prophecy was to be fulfilled first in June. It wasn’t. Then it was to take place in July. It didn’t. Now it is supposed to happen in October, or November. It won’t. But we hear from them that it will happen in 5 years, then in another five years (cf. sermon of Fr. Chazal in Cincinnati, USA, on August 12, 2012). It will not. They are like the false prophets (“Little Pebble”, etc.) announcing repeatedly – because, obviously, it hasn’t happened! – the imminent end of the world. They lead the faithful with the fear that this drama will surely happen. And they ignore all attempts to convince them that the facts prove them wrong:

 the constant and recent statements on the part of Bishop Fellay that the Society of St Pius X will not cease to condemn the errors of the Council and of the New Mass;

 the absolute insistence of the conciliar authorities which have openly, in the last 2-3 months especially, stated clearly that the SSPX would never be recognized if it rejects Vatican II and the New Mass.

So, as Bishop Fellay stated in his June 29th sermon, “we are back to square one”, which means at the position we have had ever since 1974, with the Declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre:

“We hold firmly with all our heart and with all our mind to Catholic Rome, Guardian of the Catholic Faith and of the traditions necessary to the maintenance of this faith, to the eternal Rome, mistress of wisdom and truth.

We refuse on the other hand, and have always refused, to follow the Rome of Neo-
Modernist and Neo-Protestant tendencies, which became clearly manifest during the Second Vatican Council, and after the Council, in all the reforms which issued from it…”

2. These priests have now, on their own initiative, started a resistance group in the USA contrary to all their promises of obedience to God and to the Society of St Pius X (made in front of the Blessed Sacrament). The real issue is therefore not a doctrinal one but one of simple obedience.

3. Father Chazal has left his new assignment in France, and Father Joseph has refused to return to Davao, Philippines (he was due to come back on July 7), and has announced that his and Fr.  Chazal’s real address was, as of August 12, in Boston, Kentucky, USA. Thus they have abandoned their assigned post in the Divine Master’s vineyard, and have chosen an apostolate of their own.

I might also add to these very grave reasons an attitude towards Our Blessed Lady which is, to say the least, shocking: on one hand they claim that only Our Lady will bring about the conversion of Rome to Tradition (which we also believe), but on the other hand they also state that the last three rosary crusades were insults to Our Lady since what happened was not perfect : “The Rosary Crusades are good instruments to measure our gullibleness and the gullibility of our faithful … The 2007 and 2009 rosary crusades are a mockery of Our Lady” (Fr. Chazal, War On)! They are expecting a miracle while at the same time refusing the means to obtain it and ignoring the way Providence works in the conversion of souls.

Let us nevertheless keep them in our prayers so that one day they may see the dead end road they have chosen for themselves and those who will follow them

In the service of Christ the King and His Immaculate Mother,

Fr. Daniel Couture

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4 comments on “Announcement about Frs. Chazal and Pfeiffer Sept. 9, 2012

  1. One of the Vatican progressives’ aims in their overtures to the SSPX, namely to break up the Traditional movement, is unfortunately being accomplished. More prayer is no doubt needed

  2. Prediction: If the SSPX does not undertake an immediate reorganization, returning directly to the EXACT principles laid out by its founder and ridding itself of its own total contradiction of ABL’s orders concerning his succesors, it will go down like the Lusitania.

    Mueller’s Kriegsmarine is already putting out to sea to sink every last Trad convoy it can find. And, there’s another German watching who won’t shed a single tear if Mueller succeeds, either.

    • If what Bp Fellay says about the current impasse being irreconcilable is true, I don;t see how the Society has ever deviated from +ABL.

      For those who have struck out on an independent path because they feared the worse, what happens to them now? All they have shown is that they predicted a calamity that never came to pass by accusing a Bishop who was their superior of being either a stealth modernist, or at least of feeble faith and intellect.

      My prediction is that they will become one-chapel nomads like Fr./Bishop Sanborn and Fr. Cekada.

  3. OK – I get it: They fear a deal and they are wrong since there will be no deal.

    Now, what if there IS a deal in the next monthes?

    If there IS a deal in the next monthes, it will prove that:
    /1/ Rome converted
    /2/ Fr Chazal and Pfeiffer were right.

    Wait and see!

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