Father Benedict Groeschel – insane, modernist, homosexualist pig

He’s always been insufferable, but this is just eye-bleedingly infuriating.

Like most committed modernists and leftists, he’s a VERY sick man:


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4 comments on “Father Benedict Groeschel – insane, modernist, homosexualist pig

  1. Donohue is the same blowhard who defended Donna Cardinal Wuerl, from “attacks” by the “Catholic Right”, for suspending a good priest who refused to give Holy Communion to a publicly-proclaimed practicing lesbian Buddhist.

  2. The “apologies” of both Fr. Groeschel and EWTN are as offensive as the original scandalous remarks, if not more so. Trying to pass this off as the result of “mental and physical deterioration” just does not ring true. What he said was the exact “reasoning” used to excuse predatory homosexual infiltrators for decades, and is still part of the modernist mindset that seeks to find rationalizations (flimsy though they are) needed to avoid facing the root of the clerical abuse scandals — namely, homosexuals in the clergy.

    The National Catholic Register did us a favor in exposing this “blame the victim” attitude among the modernist clergy (surely Fr. Groeschel’s accidentally revealed honest opinion is not his alone) ; why would they apologize for this? Disgusting! If EWTN wants to avoid additional “apologies” in the future, it shouldn’t replace him with another of his order; they’ll have to put every one of those guys on “tape delay”, or be ready for another forced host change.

    • As usual, our great sage, Glornt, has put the matter into sharp perspective.

      The rot has gone untreated for so long that, as John Vennari put it in one of his speeches of more recent vintage, “The new norm is the old abnorm”.

      Nothiing is more inimicable to Catholicism than comfy nostrums that wouldn’t harm a fly.

      I am most grateful that way back in the day when I served the True Mass, the priests were MEN, not wussified emcees who saw no wrong and dared not speak up, even if they had. It made difference to a youngster up there on the altar, next to an actual, for real alter Christus AND the True Christ at the moment of consecration.

      Fortunately, there remain MANY fine priests in the Novus Ordo regime who do know what is good and holy, and what is not. And they are not afraid to preach it, either.

      And, to its credit ( the massive errors Glornt mentioned, above, notwithstanding ) EWTN does manage to even put some of them on the air.

      Nevertheless, as long as Colin Donovan, Scott Hahn and the rest of the “awesome theologians loyal to Rome” remain as influential as they are within the network, the “orthodoxy mix” will always be problematical.. That Groeschel has finally been shuttled off to the funny farm is good and needs to be applied to others. But, of course, that won’t happen quickly, easily or happily.

  3. Dear Servitium,

    The language you have used in your posting about Father Benedict is a horrific example of an un-Catholic, un-Christ-like lack of charity. It should NEVER be used, even of the worst sinners let alone an old man clearly showing signs of mental deterioration. Father has served Our Lord generously and faithfully throughout his priesthood; he has been part of the reform of the renewal of religious life — and he has written [among many other books] one of the best books on chastity available. And that book, I might add, is a foundation stone for the “Courage” ministry.
    Think of the kind of charity you would want practiced towards your own parents if they began to show signs of Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, or something similar — and then PRACTICE THE SAME TOWARDS OTHERS.
    If any of us want to be worthy of the name “Traditional Roman Catholic,” we had better be concerned with the practice of charity; Christ had harsh words for those who failed in this regard.
    Satan is always trying to destroy unity in the Church, whether on the doctrinal level or on the level of Christian charity. RESIST HIM!

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